Stocks in News: MTNL-BSNL Tussle, Satnam Overseas

The MTNL -BSNL tussle is going . BSNL has asked MTNL to pay outastanding dues of Rs. 900 crore. MTNl has also charged BSNL for not paying for call termination charges. MTNL is also parting ways with BSNL for NLD business. BSNL has said that either it will carry full traffic of MTNL or it will not carry any traffic at all. The ongoing tussle would impact the MTNl stock and it may see some offloading.

Sunil Hi-tech's announcement of expansion plans may lead to some upside in the stock price.

News of Fidelity's hiking stake in Satnam Overseas may trigger fresh buying interest in the stock. Interest rates hikes may keep the banking zone buzzzing.

Reliance Industries is expected to continue its bull run with Reliance Petro listing in the offing and Reliance Industry being the major beneficiary of a sparkling debut of Reliance petro.

Reliance Industrial Infrastructure is expected to contnue its onwards journey today with no stopping in the buyers for the stock.

The fresh interst generated in Surana telecom with huge volumes may take the stock at furher higher levels. GNFC may also see new highs backed by renewed interest . IFCI would continue its northwards journey.


Anonymous said...

Hi Rajesh
is it a good time to enter in IFCI ? which banking scrip do you think can be eneterd into at current levels ?

manoj said...

good post rajesh. can u have this as a regular feature on your blog.

Anonymous said...

I have bought 200 PTC @ 52. The CMP is 69. Should I hold or sell.
Can I hold it for long term?


Vineet Jain said...

Like these of your advices. I also feel to enter stock market again. Hope we all will get your advices regularly

Rajesh Soni said...

Anonymous :
Good time to enter IFCI was one week back when the scrip was hovering around 10-11 Rs. SInce it has reisen quite a bit , i would advice you to avoid exposure at current levels.

Rajesh Soni said...

Hi manoj,
Thanks for the compliments. I cannot promise to make it a regular feature as I am not a fulltime blogger. However, would try to out this whenever possible.

Rajesh Soni said...


You got a good deal on PTC The stocm has run up to 80 levels . It would be a good idea to see if it consolidates at this levels and then take a decision to hold or sell.

Rajesh Soni said...

Hi Vineet,
Thnaks for the good wishes. Yes you can enter the markets even at current levels without getting hurt if you follow the principle of regularly booking profits at intervals.