Stocks Ideas for Short term

I could see a lot of comments on the message board requesting for short term investing ideas. However, it should be understood that short term investing is a play on momentum, newsflows and trading patterns. It is a high risk proposition and investors should have guts to set off their position if the stock idea does not work during the time frame. It is also important to keep a watch on the index movements.

Following stocks can be considered for a time frame of 1-6 sessions (i.e.,till next week)

Satnam Overseas:
The stock is in news with hike in stake by Fidelity. The short term target for this stock is 120 .

Patel engineering
The follow on issue has seen tremendous response and investor are busy stocking the scrip. The scrip has come to lime light after its association with L&T. The valuations looks stretched and those who get allotment would be minting money on this stock. The 7 day target for this stock is Rs.600

The stocks looks to be out of the hibernation between the 116-118 range and is poised to breakout for target of 130 if the volumes remain high

Reliance Industrial Infrastructure
Looks like there is no stopping for this stock. The stock may touch 850 levels before sellers pour in. A good stock even from medium term perspective.

Petronet LNG
The stock has bounced back from 57 levels with huge volumes. The 7 day target for this stock should be Rs.70

Reliance Petroleum's listing
Reliance petroleum would definitely be the darling of the stock markets tomorrow with stock listing on NSE and BSE. Investment Guru is of view that the stock may list in the range of Rs. 95-105. No doubt that trading would be very hectic on the counter and many people may want to hold on and not opt for selling tomorrow. This may put some pressure from supply side and may take the stock further up. So watch the listing tomorrow and take a conscious decision once you get a picture of how the stock is doing on the debut.

Happy Investing!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Rajesh,

Thanks for your suggestions. Do you have any other suggetions on Infrastructure(esp in Cement sector). Your Idea on Gujarat Ambuja was excellant. Let me know if you find any Mid Cap Cement Company attractively priced for an investment on more than 1 year.

With Regards,

Neel said...

Thanks for your excellent tips. What would be your recommendation on Cipla and ITC at current levels


Jonathan said...

It's good to se you are back in action
Jonathan, Bamgalore

amrit said...

Hi Rajesh,

Amongst great hoopla that preceeded the listing of reliance petro IPO,the listing was way short of being spectacular.Rather it was like any other normal listing.When stocks like kamdhenu and gallantt ipo's gave a return of more than 90%.Rpl gave a return of less than 50%.Though in the long term it may give much more.

I was alloted a 100 shares.Today i added another 400 @ 85 TO TAKE MY NO OF SHARES TO 500.I do not intend to sell it for the next four years at least.I just want to know your expert comments on whether it will be worth to hold it for that long.

Best regards,

Anonymous said...

Hi rajesh
I have bought 200 shares of Reliance petroleum @ 87 yesteday. The stock is down today at Rs. 85. Please suggest what to do ? I am willing to hold for 3-6 months.


insider said...

sensex will fall 200 points intraday on monday.

Smart Money said...

Hi Rajesh,

Nice blog you have. I have linked to you. My blog is on Trading Quotes. Feel free to link back.

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