IPO Update : Provogue listing

Provogue lists as per Expectation
The Provogue stock today listed on the NSE at Rs.249. The stock touched intra-day high of Rs.299 and is currently qouting at Rs. 270.
The listing is as per expectations and the stock has rewarded the few lucky shareholders who got allotment.

The strategy

Inevstment Guru recommends investors to book listing gains. They can re-enter the scrip later at lower levels in case they wish to hold for short to medium term.

Happy Investing!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Rajesh,

As I had said earlier, I expected an opening at 225-240, but due to high oversubscription on the last day of application, it has listed higher. I sold my 40 shares at 283 today. What levels should be good to re-enter ?


Anonymous said...

yes rahul that is really a question i was waitng to ask given an eps of 6 ..
gives a pe of over 40 which seems to be quite high ...what would be a good price to re-enter....

Anil Kumar said...

Hi Rajesh,

Could you please tell me about IDFC IPO???

Also tell me about Yes Bank, I have already applied for??

Thanks & Regards
Anil Kumar

Anonymous said...

Many thanks rajesh. Your advice is simply wonderful. I have sold 40 shares at 270 per your suggestion and now it closed at 246. When should I re-enter? Please advice


Rahul Munjal said...

I also want to know about Shri Ramrupai Balaji Steels & IDFC.

Are they worth applying either for Listing Gains or for Short Term?

Rahul Munjal said...

What should be the strategy for Yes Bank? At what level to sell and at what level to re-enter (if u suggest to enter) !!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your update on provogue sir !
The stock is down 6% today. I sold yesterday at 273. The credit for my profits goes to you.
Thanks again

anurag said...

Excellent Rajesh.
You are genius.I am your devotee.
Please continue to guide us.

Rajesh Soni said...

Regarding Rahul, pradeep & anonymous
Bargain hunting has started in the stock..but wait for few more sessions to confirm if it is just a move by aoperator to come out or a comeback in real terms

Rajesh Soni said...

I am still unsure on how will the yes bank lists , but some news report suggest that the share should give 10 -15 Rs. listing gains...But as I told , never compromise on some parameters..I disqualified the stock for IPO..but if it gives good listing and maintains it ...we can always grab the gains to come (i am wondering , if any )
So no worries..I will update on the strategy when it lists
So wait and watch

Happy Investing !!

Lets wait and watch..I will provide an update

Rajesh Soni said...

Quote of the day :
Never think back and see what you missed, see what's lying ahead..there is a ocean of opportunity, identify the right one and enjoy the ride..you will never be a loser.

(how was that :) just giving confidence to those how are thinking that they missed the bus by not applying in Yes bank IPO)
Guys please note that this a qoute by Investment Guru (copyright reserved :) ha..ha..ha )

Rahul said...

That quote is great...sums up what should be a good investor's attitude in the market. Keep it up!