The Third Eye : Polaris Software

Polaris software has shown good strength in the last few sessions and has been able to break the resistance of 110-115 levels.
The stock has shown an upcoming from the 98 levels and now is strongly placed at 125-130 range with strong volumes.
The Third Eye recommends a watch on the counter as it make higher moves. Those who have invested at 110-115 levels should keep a hold on the stock.
The stock looks good from a short to medium term prospective.

Happy Investing!!


Anonymous said...

It has fallen yestrday but has regained today again. I am holding per your advice.

Anonymous said...

Is Polaris a good buy now ?

anurag said...

I agree with you.The stock has potential to reach 200.

Anonymous said...

This stock will zoom upwards becoz wipro is going to buy this company . that is y there is a sudden rise in the stock ------ chintan