Provogue IPO: Check your Allotment Status

Dear Investors
The Provogue IPO allotment is done and you can check the status of your applications .
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  • Provogue Allotment Status

  • The listing details will be updated on this blog soon!!
    Happy Investing!


    Anonymous said...


    I invested thro' ICICI and checking for allotment status thro's wrong application no..

    any idea why this happens

    ArunSS said...

    if you hav invested thru icici direct u'll be having only the reference number. but u need application number to check the allotment status which u won't be having so wait for 1 or 2 days to check in your demat account.

    hits7 said...

    applied for 640 got none in jindal applied for 180 got 78 both were thru online accounts.somehowi have a feel that the most sure shot way of getting allotments in IPo is thru paper applications.I have 100% record in paper applications allottment while 50% record in online applications(and sadly mot of alootments thru paper were losmaking)Anyone agrees? 0r is it just my fancy

    mr. d said...


    when i checked the order book , there is an entry called "application" no. i guess that is the application no !

    Yogi said...

    applied thru icicidirect for 120, ngot nothing, can any body throw light on minimum investment to be made in a ipo to ensure allotment.

    If 2 to 3 ipo's come at a time and you have limited funds. I think one should apply for only one good ipo you think to ensure allotment. I am sure there are more investors having this kind of problem. So Rajesh and experienced investors please share your views on this aspect

    To Annonymous/Dr.D: Also on icicidirect the application no. is shown please check orders under ipo section.


    Yogi said...

    Rajesh/experienced Investors:

    Please advice on the following points related to IPO allotment also,
    a) does it matter if you are applying online or by hand
    b) does it matter if you apply for a IPO on the very first day of opening or last day
    c) does it matter if you are applying with a lowest possible investment or a maximum investment that can be done by a retail investor in any IPO.


    IPO Guru said...

    Hello Yogi,

    I can not tell about the first 2 points!!! Ideally there should not be any difference. But on third point I can assure you that allotment chances are more if you apply for maximum amount in one application (when it got oversubscribed many times). If oversubscription is less ( suppose less than 5 times) then more no. of applications will result in more allotment (assuming you are putting a decent amount and not the minimum amount in each application and also assuming that you are applying at cut-off). I will put some guidelines for the IPO application procedure in my blog very shortly. I will put a copy here also!!

    Thank you

    Rahul said...

    Hi all,

    I applied for 560, got 40. For those using icicidirect, you can go to 'IPO' link in your demat account and search the order. Against that you'll get all info to be filled in to check for your application status.


    IPO Guru said...

    Hello all,

    I have put my views on IPO application at my blog!!!!!!!!

    These are my view points not any hard and fast rules!!!!!!!!

    Enjoy investing!!!


    Anonymous said...

    Hithesh whats ur blog site by the way ...

    Anonymous said...

    Hithesh whats ur blog site by the way ...

    Anonymous said...

    Hi Rajesh,

    I got 40 shares of Provogue in 2 applicaions of 640 in different names.It is by ratio of lottery.

    What should be target price for profit booking n listing.
    Whether arrest of M.D. of Provogue in Drug-Cocaine case would dampen the sentiment on listing?
    Pls advise


    Anonymous said...

    i applied thru icici. my application no. is of 8 digits. how to get allotment intimespectrum, we can feed up to 7 digits only. please help.

    Anonymous said...

    my application number is 11724348. I applied thru ICICIDIRECT. I couldnt check my appication status.Any suggestions?

    IPO Guru said...

    You can click on my name to go to my blog.

    Whoever applied thru ICICI please discard the first 1. So it will be 7 digits. 1724348 is your appl. no.

    Anonymous said...

    HI Rajesh,

    Which one is the better IPO- SPL Industries or IL & FS Invesemart?

    Pls advise.


    IPO Guru said...

    Hi Anonymous,

    It is

    IPO Guru said...

    Hi Anonymous,

    It is

    Yogi said...


    thanks for your guidlines I read your blog... they are helpful


    IPO Guru said...

    Guidelines in IPO applications (Not mutual funds)-Part I
    1. Apply at Cut-off

    2. Apply for good companies.

    3. Don't believe the pundits all the time.

    4. Fresh IPOs will be better for faster gains.

    5. If the company is already listed long term investment is needed.

    6. Avoid multiple applications. ( In the same name)

    7. If required open different accounts in the names of wife brother etc.. (Regards to Rajesh Sony)

    8. If over subscription is more than 5 times, then put maximum money in each application. That means if you have 60000, it is better to put 50000 +10000 in 2 applications (assuming 50000 is the limit for retail), than putting 10000 in 6 applications.

    (to be continued..............)

    IPO Guru said...

    I didn't get any allotment in Provogue. Whoever got allotment can expect good returns on listing. I think arrest of the official many not affect the listing gains.

    moneymasala said...

    I think (as many others do) that IntimeSpectrum, the registrars of the Provogue issue, blotched the whole thing. Whenever it is this registrar, no one seems to get any shares.

    Nitin Sharma said...

    For those with ICICI Direct Acc. To to IPO->OrderBook. There is a field for App. No. You can check for your allotment using this no.

    There is no sure shot way to get the allotment.
    Your chances of getting the shares is equal if you apply for same no. of shares through paper or through ICICI Direct.

    The difference is what no. of shares do you apply. like in Provogue in Retail mostly who apply for 40 share got the allotment.

    I advice for all is that rather than applying 50,000/- in one application, apply for 2 application, one in your name and other in your wife/mother. Apply for 6,000/ in one and 44,000/-.

    Anonymous said...

    Hello Hithesh,

    Your points are valid. I think I can make use of these points in the coming IPOs.

    Thank you.

    Rahul Munjal said...

    when will the money of provogue be returned? My account is yet not credit :(

    And what IPO is better among the ones opened??

    Rajesh... ur comments on IL&FS ?