Market Watch : Never say die !

The Indian stock markets continue their upward march. The Nifty is currently trading at 2290 levels.The sensex has crossed 7500 mark and it has gained 500 points in just 25 days.
The rally looks stretched across the caps and sectors. The fireworks in the markets is expected to continue as the results seasons has not yet produced any major negatives. Monsoon is also on the right track. FII's continue their buying spree in the markets.

With this scenario in place, the obvious question that comes to a small investor is that Where is the Index moving ? Should I buy more at current levels or continue to hold? Shouls I start selling profitable stocks and start acumulating cash for buying at lower levels.

Keep a watch on the Investment Guru blog to answer all your questions. If you have any specific question on the Market trends , please leave a comment on this post.

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Stock Market : The Road Ahead
Investment Idea # 6


Anonymous said...

Hi Rajesh !!!
I am very keen to read your upcoming special on Stock Market : The Road Ahead & Investment Idea # 6
I hold petronet LNG @ 47 its reported a good rise in profits.I would like to know you medium and long term strategies for it
I know that this seems a narrow question.But I am would like to know whether if i should take my profits just in case the markets crash or should i hold on longer for better returns if the markets will still be going higher and most/majority of my holdings is in this stock Thanks in advance......

Rastogi said...

I have Tele Data, Satyam, Infy, YesBan in my Portfolio. Should i sell any of these?

makeMoney@moneycontrol said...

GE Shipping has already touched 164 and seems to grow up like any thing... thanks for your investment idea. I held 1000 @ 134 and I an already on the verge of making 25% out of it :) and I hope it will surely hit 190 :)
so keep investing ...
Teledata may be one of those ideas ... :) who knows
makeMoney@MoneyControl :)

Rahul Munjal said...

I am eagerly waiting for your Investment Idea # 6.

I have invested in Tele Data also and expecting the best results. Now, i will invest in your next idea !!!

Guddi said...

I have invested in HFCL, Teledata, Tourism Finance, IFCI, zigma software etc. Any comments

Anil Kumar said...

Hi Rajesh,

According to you I have the Teledata and I am going to purchase Beeyu as you told this will go 50 in 12-15 months. You are doing tremendous job and I will follow only you.

Thank you very much

Anonymous said...


I have teledata , Gufic Bioscience , Sail , SCI .. What should be my strategy for coming month or so


priya said...

Dear Rajesh
many thanks for you investment idea on GE shipping. I am very happy. This was my first investment and has given good returns. I am regular visitor on your website.

sunil kumar said...

Hello sir,
I am holding wockpharma, PetronetLNG & deepak fertiliser with around 20% profit. Should I hold or book the profit. I sold motherson sumi & shanthi gears, should i re-enter at lower level?
Please guide.
sunil kumar

Anonymous said...

I am eagerly waiting for the next Investment Idea. All your previous ideas have generate good returns and I have invested in all of them except karnataka Bank.
I am investing purely based on your blog and i am glad to do that. great job sir!

Govind said...

Hi Rajesh,

Great to read your review of the markets. Good job.


Rahul said...

Hi everyone,

Good to see so many ppl benifitting from expert advice from Rajesh. However, in this euphoric time, one should be cautious. The only reason why an investor gets trapped by buying at a high price is by being too opmistic. Be very stock specific and you will gain.


Anonymous said...

Hi Rajesh
Gufic bioscience has gone 10% up today. This was on your recommendation list. Can I buy it at current levels ?

Anonymous said...

should we buy it at this levels? or it has gone beyond the BUY range?

mkd said...

the markets are driven more by liquidity and open positions on F&O side, at these levels rather than fundamentals. there has been no significant surprise in earnings and still market has risen 8% on a broad base in last three weeks.
all positives were already there in the prices three weeks ago also. negatives like crude price seem to be built in only in the Oil sector stocks.
i think people should book profits on atleast half or more of their holdings and then wait for markets to get their sense back.
20% gains in hand in always better than 40% notional gains.

chinta_money said...

Hi Rajesh,
Great to see that you are finally fine tuning another great investment idea..can't wait to see what is up on your sleeves this time around..because you do work on them before you let them display on public domain..that is very thoughtful thing to do unlike many others often we came across.
keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rajesh,

I am holding PNB, PRovouge and Shopperstop. Please let me know whether I need to book profits or hold above stocks to gain further..please guide me..


Anonymous said...

Hello Rajesh,

I've teledata,vishal Export,polaris,SAIL and Neyelli but I'm worried about two ie. Teledata and Vishal Export.
Please comment on these stocks. Especially Vishal Export.

I'm regular visitor of your site and very impressed about your work.

Thanks in Advance and waiting for your valuable comment.

Amit Nigdikar

Rahul Munjal said...

Will it be OK to enter in these stocks:

RCF, ITI, Tata Tele, Ashok Leyland at current levels?

Actually, i have analysed that they either have good future or are at dips.

Please suggest me if i should not buy any of these at current levels.

Waiting for your quick response...


Rajesh Soni said...

Dear friends,
I do not give personalised stock advice at this stage.My apologies for this. But If you have comments or question on any stock apperaing in the Blog, you are welcome to put your questions on such stocks.
Following is my recommendation on the stocks that have apperaed on my blog:
Teledata : Hold
Polaris : Hold
PNB: Book partial Profits
Provogue : Buy (limited Risk)
Shopper stop: Avoid
Sail : Hold
Tata Tele: Long term (enter at 28)
ITI : Avoid at current levels
Gufic Bio: Book partial profits
GE Shipping : Hold
Karnataka Bank : Hold
Biocon : Hold

I thank all visitors for confidence posed in the blog. I have read some comments of visitors sharing their experience with my Investment Ideas. It gives me a sense of satisfaction to see that you are benefiting from the blog. Be assured that this blog will continue to give you reasons to smile !!
So stay tuned to Investment Guru.

Happy Investing !!

Anonymous said...

Hello Rajesh,

I've vishal Export of 900 qty but I'm worried about that now.

Please comment on Vishal Export.

I'm regular visitor of your site and very impressed about your work.

Thanks in Advance and waiting for your valuable comment.

Amit Nigdikar

lucky said...

sir , i am a new fan of this blog.
and hear much about you from one of my friend . i am going to start my trading with you and now i am waiting for your idea no:- 6
can you pls tell me when it will display on this great blog.
lucky goyal

Narendra said...

Why it is taking so long to give the "investment idea"?
I think, it will be good, if you can fix the frequency.
Then we will know when to expect the next idea:-)