IPO Update : Provogue (India) Ltd.

Provogue (I) Ltd. - Apply, sell on listing & Enjoy !!
Provogue (India) Limited is offering 40.49 Lacs equity shares at a offer price band of Rs.130-150. Investment Guru recommends investors to apply for this IPO.It is recommended to book profits on listing of the share. The stock is expected to give handsome listing gains.

What makes this IPO offer attractive?
1. Considering the current EPS of the company at Rs.7, the offer comes at a P/E of 21. Now look at the comparison with the existing stocks in same industry :
Shopper Stop's stock is quoting at P/E of 45
Westside Stock is quoting at P/E of 47
pantaloon stock is quoting at P/E of 66
This itself is a sufficient reason to invest in IPO and an indication of handsome listing gains awaiting the Investors.
2. The apparels market has grown by 13% last year. Still, 70% of the market is captured by the unbranded apparel segment. The success of apparel companies depends on how fast can they convert this unbranded market to their advantage
3. The company has received number of awards for its brand value.
4. The cash flow position of the company is reasonably good.
5. Provogue come in Top 5 companies in terms of number of outlets giving it a wider reach as compared to peers.
6. New Quota Regime to benefit the apparel industry
7. Since the Apprael stocks have run up quite high,this sector has become a high risk sector and hence Investor are recommended to sell on listing. The stock is not recommended for long term hold at this stage.
Issue Details :
Issue Opens on : 10-June-2005
Issue Closes on : 16-June-2005
Listing on BSE & NSE
Shares Offered : 40.49 Lacs
Registrar: Intime Spectrum


Unknown said...

Thank you very much Sir for this valuable recommendation.

sunil kumar said...

I check this site almost regularly and found very useful. For new investors like me it gives understandable information. But I am confused about the size of application. If I apply for 1000 shares, does it increases chances of allotment or smaller applications get preference in allotment?

hits7 said...

Your comments on Jindal Polyfilms,Uniply,Yes Bank ,Provogue in order of your prefernce

Anonymous said...

I am really impressed by your analysis. Thanks for this update.
I visit your website regularly

Anonymous said...

Any recommendation on Yes bank and Uniply please.
I am eagerly awaiting your update on these IPO

Anonymous said...

Thank you and appreciate you for your efforts to give tips to newbies like me.Keep up your good work. I would appreciate you if you post your answers for our queries/clarifications.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your recommendations.
What is your view on engineering stocks , especially L&T. They seem to be bagging huge orders in India as well as West Asia.

Rajesh Soni said...

reg. SUnil Kumar's comment:
Yes , the more you apply, the more are chances to get allotment.

Rajesh Soni said...

Reg. hits and ananoymous :
I will shortly provide an update on Yes Bank. I would avoid Jindal Poly and Uniply (but if any visitor has any comments please provide here so that we can benefit from it )

Rajesh Soni said...

Reg. Murthi's Comment :
I do try my best to reply to comments at the earliest. However since I am not fulltime blogger, I am unable to response so quickly. Please bear with me.

glassnost said...

Time and tide waits for none.
On Yes Bank i have given inputs on my website glassnost.blogspot sourced from compass published by business standard.
May be useful to all concerned

Rajesh Soni said...

Reg. Glassnost's comment
Request visitors to have patience.
I am definitely going to post an update on this blog for Yes bank IPO. The issue is opening on 15th June and closes on 21st June.
So still we have 11 days to apply.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your recommendations. I find them really valuable.

I wanted to know how much will be a safe quantity to apply for Provogue?

Also, please do post your suggestions reagarding Yes Bank.


Sumit said...

hi rajesh

i know quite alot abt jindal poly ipo so lemme share what i have found till date abt it...Its not an ipo coz its a 2nd offerin...tradin arnd 518 some days ago it may sound tht company is offerin shares at a discount of arnd 25% to retail investors...( am dead sure the alloment wld be done @380) so wat does it has in store for retail investors...Am basin this stuff on the bse-nse demand graph i looked at their site for the issue...most of the bids recvd for it till nw r at 360...Issue hasnt found many takers at 400...So wat shall we do???? 2 options u wanna be very conservative avoid it completely... or am followin this one issue closes on 15th june...will have another look at tht graph as to wat price maximum bids have been recvd...if its 380 i wld apply for arnd 150 shares (allotment will be their most likely in this of all the 3 ipos)...Fate of Jindal poly...it can either go the pnb way (every1 knwz wat happenned when allotment happnd) or IVR INfrastructure way. thr might be just 10-15% diff b/w allotted share n cmp then (current market price)...but the medium term outlook for the share is quite gud..(ivrcl traded arnd 518 after 3mnths when it was allotted @380)...so if a person is a risk bearer n not risk avoider he shld apply to this issue as 110% Sureshot response u wont get allotment in Provogue n alltment may be tuff in yes bank...Even i have lot of stuff abt yes bank n uniply which i will post once u make ur post abt the same....Do give ur comments as to if u agree with wat i said rajesh??? Cheerz

Anonymous said...

Dear Rajesh,

As a stern "no" to "yes" bank's IPO, whats your suggestion on Provogue's IPO? Will it be another Shopper's Stop, on the
listing day ?


hits7 said...

One more query although diff from the ones posted here.I have shares of various cos. like NTPC,Sonata Software,Bharti Shipyard etc. but havent recieved dividend for any of them .Wud like to know as to when and how much dividend is expected out of these shares?Thanks

sharadkmba said...

sir what are the prospects of basant agrotech india ltd , i have 500 shares @31 and the prospects of gujarat carbon. i have 500 @ rs. 24.

anybody having knowledge about these companies can also help me out.

please help n reply
my email address is sharadk_23@yahoo.com

sharadkmba said...




Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Nidhi Rajput said...

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