Stocks in News -Reliance, Tata, DLF IPO

Reliance Retail set to buy Adani Retail
RIL has decided to acquire Adani Retail, the Gujarat based retail chain controlled by the Rs 13,500 crore Adani Group. The Adanis have about 54 stores across all formats such as neighbourhood stores, supermarkets and hypermarkets, spread across 15 cities in Gujarat. The company had planned to have about 65 stores by the end of this year.

Tata Steel enters shipping business
Tata Steel has entered into a joint venture with Japan's largest shipping line Nippon Yusen KK to transport dry-bulk and other cargo. The venture will lower Tata's transportation cost and make Nippon Yusen's shipping line accessible.

DLF IPO likely to hit market in February
The DLF group’s much-touted IPO will finally see the light of day. The group, which has already resolved the issue with its minority shareholders, is now in the process of filing the draft red herring prospectus (DRHP) with Sebi. Sources in the company told ET, “The DRHP will be filed by December 15 and the issue should hit the market in February.”


Anonymous said...

Hi Rajesh!
Kudos to you.
Sensex just touched 14 K per your last post. Good judgement.


Anonymous said...

rajesh ji yes bank down by -5%
karnataka bank also in red -3%

sir kya strategy apnai jae

Ram prakash.

Anonymous said...


Today yes bank zoomed to 140.On your reco i bought equal quantities (150 shares) each of Yes,Karnataka,skumar.I guess present portfolio reads no positive no negative that is no net loss or profit.

If you think that the dynamics had changed and one needs to move out of any of these stock please keep updated.

Your admirer.

Anonymous said...

Sirg markets are crashing.
What to do in this situation.

Anonymous said...

Dear sir,
Markets are going as per your prediction. You have predicted a fall after sensex touching 14000 and that has happened. Sir what is the depth of this fall and whether we should buy at current levels.
Pls. guide


Anonymous said...

Hello Rajesh,

As always i find t very hurtening that you are again missing in all this bloodbath.I invested heavily in karnataka bank and skumar nationwide.Please tell if more should be accumulated or should i hold it.

Apka prasansak

Rajesh Soni said...

My dear prasansak,
My apologies for breaking your heart. My absence from blog is not due to the change in sensex but it is due to work pressure I have in my job. So please don't mistake me.

Second thing that I want to tell all investors is that for stock that I mention in "Stocks in News column", please trade on your own calculations as I do not give any targets. I just give direction for the stock in this column.

Coming back to your questions, I have already indicated in my earlier post that correction is due, so I would have expected you to wait before buying. But since you are already invested , let me tell my views on these stocks.

Karnataka Bank is , no doubt, a good bank and is doing well but the stock has risen sharply in past few weeks.It can be a good hold for say 3 months period for you to get good returns. But again keep tracking developments in banking sector.

Skumar is another good play in its segment. I would advice you to hold this also for a period of 3-4 months for a target of 100 + (this is my views, please make your own targets for exit).

As always, feel free to post any questions on above.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rajesh
Appreciate that even with paucity of time, you are making efforts to update your blog for the benefit of investors. My suggestion is that you write one post explaining how should an investor read your different columns so that there is clarity in the minds of the readers while executing your recos.

An old timer on your blog

Anonymous said...

Rajesh Ji,

With all due respect to you i agree with you that you did cautioned for an impending correction.But sir please share with us your views on the stocks that you mention.For example aksh optfibre is trading at its 52 week low.Please guide on what to do with that particular stock should we buy more to bring down the average cost or shud we exit from it alltogether.

Please sir donot mistake me.

Apka prasanshak

Anonymous said...

dear sir,
please share your views on the currevt IPO's tanla, cairn energy and pyrmaid tehatre.


Great take on a great company.

Sweeglu Elliott Wave said...

Dear Rajesh Soni Sir,

You have very informative blog with genuine information but I didn't see any update from your side after 2011. Please start posting your valuable information and advise again.