Thanks 2005 !! Welcome 2006 !!!

Dear Visitors,
Investment Guru wishes all of you a Very Happy and prosperous new year.
Let us thank the year 2005 for giving us a wonderful time in terms of the increasing the shareholder's wealth and let's look forward to Year 2006 for a even more joyful journey of the stock markets.
I believe that the sensex should be able to touch the 10K mark by March,2006 before showing a consolidation phase.

My advice to all the visitors will be to take a resolution for this year that all your investments will be based on knowledge and understanding of a stock rather than a hearsay or rumour.

Investment Guru Blog will stand by you as your trusted partner in enhancing your investment wisdom.
Happy Investing !


Rahul Munjal said...

we're waiting for the first Investment Idea of 2006....

spi_spot said...

A very happy and a profitable new year to you.

I will look forward to your valuable advice and guidance.

Narmada Chematur showed good movement. :) Good way to start the year.

Aksh picking up speed.

What is your outlook?

Anonymous said...

Can we hold Gujarat Ambuja or sell it at current price 88.10?

Rajesh Soni said...

Hi Rahul,
Your waiting would be over by next week.
Thanks for the patience

Rajesh Soni said...

Hi Spi-Spot
Thanks. Yes, the new year has started with a good note .
I think Narmada chematur is a good hold for now since the parent company is getting lot of attention.

Rajesh Soni said...

Hi Satya
If you are long termn investor, then I would recommend you to hold on GACL. If you are short term , you can exit at current levels.

Shankar Nath said...

hi rahul, an investment idea for 2006 is enclosed in the blog page -

Warm Regards

Anonymous said...

Now sensex is at 9600.Now should we start booking profits or wait till it touches 10k

Anonymous said...

Currently I am holding 100 shares of Andhra Bank. I took those shares @98. Second IPO is coming from Andhra Bank is coming on 16th. What is the best streategy I can play with this? Any expectations with this stock? Please help me to take right decision.

Anonymous said...

Dear Investment Guru,
Your blog has been a superhit during the year 2005 with all your recommendations giving good returns. I hope that you will continue to benefit us with your investment ideas in year 2006.