IPO Update: Entertainment Network (India) Ltd.

Will markets listen to Radio Mirchi ?

Entertainment Network (India) Ltd. (better known for Radio Mirchi) is entering the capital markets with an initial public offer of 120 Lac shares at a price band of Rs.144-162 per share.

Investment guru recommends investors to subscribe to the issue. The broadcast (narrow cast in real sense, since FM stations have regional presence) through FM has gained quite popularity in India, specially, in the metros and studies shows that India has to go a long way still to unleash the full potential of this sector. However, the going would get tougher as other participants enter this arena and the fittest would survive. Radio Mirchi is an exciting ipo in this context and will see huge participation. The issue is expected to generate good listing gains. The stock can also be subscribed for a hold by investor with high-risk profile.

What adds spice to Radio Mirchi IPO ?

ENIL is the the largest private FM radio broadcaster in India based on the number of operating stations and listeners. The company is also in the business of event management and out-of-home media through the brands 360o and Times Out-of-home Media,respectively.

The company belongs to the Times Group and hence enjoy high brand value.

The funds will be utilised to participate in the bidding for FM channels in new cities and finance the migration fee to shift to the new licensing regime

The Revenue comes from airtime sales and is bound to increase with increasing popularity of FM stations. The company clocked a revenue of 49 crores for six months ending September,2005. The major expense remains to be the license fee which will impact the second half of the P&L account.

EPS for the half year ending Sep-05 was 6.52. However the company ended Year 2005 with a EPS of -5.28. The company has no peers listed in the markets. However even we we consider the P/E of companies having similar business like Adlabs, the sector P/E comes to about 35.

Issue Details
Opens: January 23rd,2006
Closes : January 27th,2006
Retail Investors: Rs.1 Lac


Rahul Munjal said...

thanks for the review Mr Soni.
We are going for the issue as u recommend it as a nice issue.

But here's a request from all your boarders... please analyse the response and then suggest us the price targets at what we should sell it on the listing date.

Thanks and Regards,
Rahul Munjal

ritesh said...

Hi Rajesh,
I have invested in 100 shares of Reliance Infra @ 330 after your recommendation on the Trader insight blog and this blog too.
I thank you from the core of my heart for this wonderful idea.
the stock is on continous upper circuits and is currently on Rs.489. AT what level should I sell these. I am already in Rs.15000 profit!

Thanks again

Ritesh deshmukh

Anonymous said...

remebered ...
buy ESCORTS(@80 - Target is 130) and SUNFLAG IRON and STEEL (@14 - Target is 36)

--- tips before 2 days and escorts is 89 now

Current Status--- Sunflag is 14.40 and Escorts is 86... still target are same...

Anonymous said...

Hi rajesh,
What are your views on GSP IPO ?
Also please comment on the Jagaran Prakash IPO.

I am applying in th Radio mirchi IPo based on your reco.

Nilesh said...

can you please update on IPO when it start subscribtion.
when you do it on last date, it is of no use.
(ENIL IPO update post shows date of 23/Jan but I suppose it was the date you posted "Coming up - Update ENIL IPO) and actual update you have given today only (last day). to late for investors!!

Rajesh Soni said...

Hi rahul,
Thanks for your suggestion. As you may be aware that the listing of a share would also depend on the prevailing market scenario. I will put up the listing strategy near the listing date of the stock.

Rajesh Soni said...

Hi Ritesh
Congrats! on your earning in RIIL. I will continue to post such stories as i come accross them. However, I feel that you can book partial profits on Monday when the stock touches the 520 mark and wait for the rest to see how it builds up!

Rajesh Soni said...

Hi Nilesh,
The ENIL update was published on 25th january ( i am talking about the article and not the photo) , two days before the issue close date.

I will try my best to make it earlier , however to be honest, somehow it doesn't work :)

There is another reason for me to put the IPO update few days before it closes as it is the time where a major part of the issue is subscribed. I personally apply only on the last date.

Rajesh Soni said...

Hi anonymous,
i may not publish an update on Gujarat Petro IPO. However , from an overall prospective , the issue doesn't excite me much . It looks overpriced, But then you know that recently the so called overprices IPO have also done wonders post listing. So I will put my fingers crossed and put some money to enjoy the market moods.

jaw_amo said...

Should i exit the markets and enter on downside or shall i hold stocks and enjoy the bull run?

Raj said...

A very good and informative Blog.. keep it up... do vist my blog at mulitbaggers.blogspot.com and let me know what u think about it.

mohit said...

Hi Rajesh ji,
I was on leave and so missed the radio mirchi IPO,according to you it needed some serious attention.Now i have some money left with me and i want to invest it somewhere,what do you say where should it be invested?....in ICICI DIRECT i saw two IPO's which are still open i.e "dainik jagran" and "INOX".....I am a small investor and i have 30k for investment.....

Best Regards,

Nilesh said...

sorry for my comment on ENIL IPO. it was my mistake.
also can you pls update on Gujrat ambuja cement in view of Holicim deal. thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rajesh,

Gujarat Ambuja is in news for all the reasons.
1. Holcim deal
2. Not up to the mark 3Q results.

Can you please updated all the investors on this stock.



Mukti Soman said...

nice one! if you are looking for entertainment network india
the currently viacom18 is leading in it.

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