Realty Check : DDA housing Scheme'08

DDA Housing Scheme'08 to offer 5000 flats

After successful closure of DDA Housing scheme in 2006, Delhi Development Authority has once again come up with its blockbuster Housing Scheme'08 offering flats for as low as Rs. 7 Lacs. The DDA Housing Scheme'08 is scheduled to be launched on 6th August,2008.

Highlights of the DDA Scheme
  • The Delhi Development Authority is launching a new housing scheme, “DDA Housing Scheme -2008”, to allot about 5,000 flats on a freehold basis.

  • The scheme will be open from August 6 to September 16.

  • The scheme aims at providing housing for all sections of society and hence offers wide range of choice.

  • There are 3483 One-bedroom flats, 889 Two-bedroom flats, 352 Three-bed room flats and 286 that can be later expanded.

  • Flats will be located in Pitampura, Dwarka, Motia Khan, Paschim Vihar, Dilshad Garden, Vasant Kunj, Narela, Shalimar Bagh, Jhilmil, Nand Nagari, Peeragarhi, Sarai Khalil, Rohini, Lok Nayak and Bindapur. However, majority of the flats are located in Dwarka, Narlea and Rohini.

  • Multi-storey ed flats with lifts will also be on offer at Pitampura, Dwarka and Motia Khan.

  • All freehold properties, the flats are within the price range of Rs 7.2 lakh and Rs 77.8 lakh depending on size and location.

  • Narela is offering the cheapest flats.

  • Most expensive is a 3 Bedroom flat in Motia khan priced at 77.8 Lacs.

  • Most Affordable is a single Bedroom flat in Narela at Rs. 7 Lacs.The application forms along with brochure will be available from the DDA sales counter at Vikas Sadan, almost all branches of AXIS Bank, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank and IDBI Bank, besides the Vikas Sadan branches of State Bank of India and Central Bank of India.
  • The Draw is expected to happen in December 2008 or early January 2009.

How to apply for DDA Flats ?

  • The application forms along with brochure will be available from the DDA sales counter at Vikas Sadan, almost all branches of AXIS Bank, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank and IDBI Bank, besides the Vikas Sadan branches of State Bank of India and Central Bank of India.
  • The cost of the application form and brochure is Rs.100.
  • The registration amount under the scheme is Rs.1.5 lac.
  • The Registration amount has to be deposited along with the application form by a banker’s cheque/demand draft and no payment by cheque is acceptable.
  • The applicant can have five preferences for flats of all categories.
  • Applicant has to submit the self-attested copy of PAN and proof of residence.
  • Those who apply under the reserve category would have to submit a certificate to that effect.
  • The allotment to eligible applicants will be made through a computerised draw based on random number techniques.
  • The results of the draw will be displayed on the notice board at Vikas Sadan and would also be available at

Should one apply for DDA flats under the DDA Housing Scheme'08 considering the ongoing confusion over future of real estate prices in India. Does it appeal as an investment option or should one apply only if he wants to use it as a residence ? How much profit can one earn in case of allotment? Are there any funding schemes for registration amount ? We will seek replies to these questions in the next post.

Visit DDA Website


Anonymous said...

Hi Rajesh
Are NRIs eligible to apply for DDA flats? I could not get a straight answer from the website? can you pl. clarify?

abhi said...

Hi Rajesh.... ur blog is very informtive. keep it up. I wanted to know from u that if i applied for a 1-bedroom flat, will i stand a better chance of getting it considering that they are more than 3000 in number or does that make no difference since it is a computerized lot.

Anonymous said...

Any answers to above two?

Anonymous said...

I am in Hyderabad, Can I apply for these flats. If eligible, can I get a bank loan from a bank i n New Delhi.

Can anyone plese help me provide the details to me.

panduranga rao

Unknown said...

No NRI's cannot apply in DDA Scheme.

Anonymous said...

No Mr. Pandurangan you cannot. Because DDA needs 10 years of residence proof in Delhi.

Anonymous said...

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