DDA Housing Scheme-2008

Download DDA Housing Scheme'08 Brochure and Application Form

DDA has finally posted the Brochure for DDA Housing Scheme'08 on its website. Click Here to download the DDA Scheme Brochure which contains all the details regarding the scheme including how to apply, documents to be submitted, details of flats on offer and list of banks where forms are available.

  • Download DDA Scheme Brochure
  • Download DDA Housing Scheme Application Form

    You need to go to DDA website to generate the online application form.

    Go to the following link :
    DDA Scheme Application form - 2008

    You will see the window as shown below :

    Type your name in the box for "Applicant name" and Click generate. You if you have typed the name wrongly , click reset to type the name again.

    The application form will open up in the new window on your screen. The form will have the application number and your name printed on it. You can save the form and take print of it and then fill and submit it to DDA office before 16th September.

    If the DDA website doesn't open up for some reasons, you can download the brochure from link below

    Download Housing Scheme Brochure -2008

    Come back on this blog to read detailed analysis of the scheme and which flats should investors opt for in the scheme to get maximum gains.

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    amol said...

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    Thanks for the extremely useful info. It saved me from standing in long queues. Advantagae of being tech savvy : )

    Anonymous said...

    Hi Sir,

    Could you please tell me more about the banks which are offering finance for registration amount.

    Ridhima said...

    You have written very well about DDA. To know more about home loans check http://www.apnapaisa.com/category/loans/home-loans/

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    Hi Rajesh,
    Thanks for the very informative articles on your blog. Could you please tell some good stocks to invest for 1 year ?

    Amit said...

    which bank is providing financing for thr registration amount ? Could you please give us names of the banks providing finance facility?

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    Anonymous said...

    I am a PIO (person of Indian origin) card holder. This clearly allows me to own urban property in India (I cannot own agricultural land).

    The DDA brochure however clearly says this allotment is for Indian citizens only.

    Thus, do you think that DDA is going against the rules for PIO card holders, and if this can be challenged?

    Thanks in advance.

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