Tanla to list at Rs. 379 on BSE

LISTING on Friday, 5th January on BSE and NSE

First of all, New year wishes to all friends and visitors of this blog and I wish you a wonderful new year bringing tons of joy and happiness.

Tanla solutions is listing tomorrow. The stock was alloted at a price of Rs. 265. However, the lisiting price of this stocks has generated curiosity since the issue was a stunning success. As you may be aware that the stock is already listed on Hyderabad stock exchange as is currently qouting at Rs. 372.

BSE has come out with a circular that the closing price on Hyderabad Stock exchange would be the base price for listing of Tanla on BSE and the stock would carry a circuit filter of 2% . However, interstingly, there is no such circular from NSE. So this would be a interesting scenario to watch when the stocks lists at both the exchanges. There may a price gap for the scrip between both the exchanges in view of the above . Even at the expected listing price of 379 the stock offers a gain of 43% over its issue price.


May said...

Hi rajesh,
We eagerly await your view on listing price for Cairn, as you had written in your blog that you would post your view once the allotment status was out.

I find two groups of people ,one who are clearly trying to create panic by giving grey market prices of rs 125/110 ,others who are defending the issue.

so kindly guide what should be done for this stock since everbody have now got more shares then they had wished for