IPO trio to debut on bourses

Atlanta, Deep Ind. & KEW Ind. to list on monday
Monday is going to be a day full of action for IPO investors as 3 IPO's are getting listed on the same day. Atlanta will list on BSE as well as NSE while Deep and KEW will get listed on BSE.

Atlanta IPO was priced at Rs. 150 per share. The competitors are currently currently qouting in a PE range of 15 -21. The issue was subscribed 10 times. The stock is expected to list in the range of 190-200.

Deep Industries was priced at Rs. 36 per share. The IPO price do not provide scope for appreciation . However, it may spring some surprise given the market sentiments.

KEW Ind was priced at Rs. 30 The IPO was offered at a PE of 12. The stock may list in the range of 36-38 before settling at lower levels.

So if you have got allotment in any of the above IPO's gear yourself up for the listing day !

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Anonymous said...

Dear Mr.Soni
I got allotment of Atalanta 52 and ACE 50 shares.Kindly advice sell or retain ?
Best regards
M R Kale

Rajesh Soni said...

You are very lucky Mr. Kale. Atlanta is listing on Monday. I would advice that you see how it lists. If the listing is above 200 you can immediately book profits. Retainig would not be a good idea for atlanta as it will be overpriced above Rs. 200+ levels. So take listing gains and enjoy !

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Soni
Thanks for your advice.
M R Kale