Get Investment Guru updates in your mailbox

FeedBlitz provides updates on this blog directly to your email

Though I had initially thought of floating a newletter around a year back, the time constraints didn’t allowed me to do so. I remember a huge list of the visitors (around 400+) enrolling for the newsletter. The constraints remain even today, but I just got struck to a website named “Fed Blitz” which delivers feeds of your webpage to the subscribers. The idea looked good to me and I have put a box on the right hand bar where you can provide your email ID’s to get the updates on this website directly into your mailbox and that too absolutely free !

What you need to do is to write your email ID in the box on right hand side bar and then click “subscribe me”. This will take you to the Feedblitz website page where you have to do a word verification . Once you finish this, they will send an email to your mailbox to verify the email address. After getting the email , you need to click the link you received in the email and that’s it. You will be enrolled and will receive an email of the latest articles whenever this blog gets Updated.

You can unsubscribe to the service anytime by clicking the link mentioned in the email.

So for all those , who want the updates on this blog by email, this would be a good solution.