Sector Watch: Media stocks

Media Stocks put a super hit show !!
The Media stocks have seen a considerable interest after the news broke out that Anil Ambani has taken a majority stake in ADLABS. The stock caught fire with high volumes. Looks like every investor wants to Invest in whatever Anil ambani invests in !!
The other holdings on ambani group like birla corp, rallis India have also shown an upmove with higher volumes (though these are not media stocks)

The stock in action today were UTV and TV Today. TV today has hit the upper band with huge volumes of 65 lac shares traded and another 5 Lac in line with no sellers.
UTV bounced back with few weeks of lethargic show and moved up to Rs 180 before coling off to Rs. 172.
Investment Guru is of view that the fire in TV Today stock will continue even in tomorrow's session before traders start booking profits.

Next on Investment Guru ....
Will the market sustain the rally ?
Which are the stocks that are going to participate in the next round ?
Is the market slowly and steadily moving to the uncherised stocks ?

Get replies to these questions and many more on the upcoming article on Investment Guru blog.
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Narendra Kumar said...

I have been watching your blog for quite sometime. You are giving useful tips.
Also I appreciated the tutor you have started with derivatives and options.
I have one more request. There are many penny stocks, with strong fundamentals and also with high volumes. Why don't you post comments on those also.
Recently I came across these penny stocks: Sun Beam and Kanika Info.
It would be helpful if you can give your views on these and also other such penny stocks.


Anonymous said...

Dear Rajesh
What's your take on NDTV?
the stock has rallied by 25% in last two months.
What cooking here?
I would like to buy , but only after your recommendation.
Please reply

Rajesh Soni said...

Be careful in choosing media stocks...I have some probable candidiates but I am taking my time to be thorough with them befopre I put an Investment idea or third eye column on these

Anonymous said...


I have bought Mohan Meakin Ltd stock at 167 levels. but few days it saw a drastic fall to 138 levels. waht i should do now , should i sell or hold on to it ?

need positive feedback.