Happy New year 2010

new year 2

Dear Friends,

I wish all of you a very Happy and Prosperous New year. The last year has been a mixed year in terms of stock market movement. It started with a doom of recession but recovered as the fear of recession receded and economies across the globe started showing signs of recovery. Year 2010 should prove to be a period of consolidation in the markets. The extreme volatility of 2009 would be missing this year and the markets will bank on Inflationary trends, Decisions on Stimulus exit and Earnings season for direction. Liquidity would continue to drive the Asian markets stronger.

With 2009 providing a big jump to the valuation across companies, searching for value picks would be more difficult in the new year. Investor would flock to Mid caps and Small caps stocks that have not recovered fully from the beatings of 2008 and where the fundamentals do warrant a correction in valuations.

I have been absconding from the blog for last few months and I do not see any improvement in frequency of updates on the blog in the new year.  You may not see many updates on the blog as my job wants more of my time, but I promise you at least few powerful posts that would make you feel good about spending time on this blog.

Once again, all the best for the new year and Happy Investing !!

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