A week of IPO Listing !

IPO's showers money on investors, Mundra listing on 27th November

We saw a lot of IPO's listing this week and few more are coming to rock the markets. Before that let me give you an update that the Intime spectrum site is working and you can check allotment status for Mundra Port IPO. As far as IPO refund for Mundra port is concerned, you can expect them in your bank accounts by 27th November as per information posted by the Registrar. Mundra is listing on the bourses on 27th November and is expected to have a grand listing in the coming week. The stock may list around Rs. 1,000 levels on Tuesday.

The most rewarding IPO was the least talked about. Allied computers which listed on BSE rewarded investors with a return of 217 %. This was followed by religare which rewarded investors with 182 % return. Out of the 5 IPO's that listed this week, only one Rathi Bars disappointed the investors and generated a negative return of 9%. And all this when Sensex posted a fall of 840 odd points !

One thing is clear, the IPO euphoria is here to stay and is going to reward the investors well. Reason ? Liquidity and the ongoing feel good factor ! Investors across the spectrum have shown interest in investing through the IPO route and most of issues are getting hugely oversubscribed. This results in poor allotments and then the rush to acquire the stocks on the listing day. However, there has been a slight deviation from earlier listings. The stocks are able to maintain and in some cases even further strengthen their upmove post listing though amidst lot of volatility.

As far as valuations is concerned, there is no doubt that these stock do not deserve these valuation based on their fundamentals and the investors would do well to book profits at regular intervals in such stocks. An entry can be made at lower levels depending on the performance of the company.

Empee Distillers to list on Monday, 26th November

The IPO party is bound to continue in the coming week. Empee Distillers is listing on Monday. The issue was subbscribed nearly 7 times. The company has offered shares @ 400 per shares. At the offer price the issue was valued at a PE of 25 which is in line with valuation of its peers. The Grey market is puting a premium of Rs. 50 on the stock valuing it at Rs. 450 per share. Investors can expect the stock to listing in the range of 450-475. A price above 500 would be good fit for profit booking.

IPO's Open now

Jyothi Laboratories: Issue closes on 27th November

Burnpur Cement : Issue Closes on 3rd December

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Mundra Port Allotment, Barak valley Listing tomorrow

Mundra Port IPO Allotment Status

Mundra Port IPO Allotment Status is out . You can check the allotment status from link below

Click here for Mundra Port IPO Allotment Status

The website of Intime Spectrum, the Registrar to the issue is currently not accesible due to heavy traffic of investors, so it is advisable to check status late in the night or you can call the intime spectrum office.

The stock was oversubscribed a whooping 116 times with Retail portion oversubscribed 16 times. An extremely strong listing is expected for the stock given the apetite for the IPO. The Grey market is putting a price tag of Rs. 900-1000 for the listing of Mundra Port.

Barak valley Cements listing tomorrow
Barak Valley Cement is listing on 23rd November,2007. The IPO was subscribed 27 times. Against the offer price of Rs. 42, the stock is commanding a premium of Rs. 28 in grey market which translates into a listing price of Rs. 80 Investors are advised to book profits on a price above Rs. 80

Rathi Bars to list tomorrow
Another Stock making a debut tomorrow, but a low profile one. This was a Fixed price IPO where the shares were offered at Rs. 35 The oversubscription numbers are not available. The Gery market is putting a modest premium of Rs. 3 on the offer price. However, given the current volatilty, the stock may spring some surprises on the listing date. Investors can consider profit booking at levels above Rs. 50. Read More!