The Third Eye : Teledata Informatics Ltd.

Teledata Informatics:Turning the Tide
Teledata is showing good strength with high volumes. The stock is currently trading at Rs.28 (52 Week low is 22 and high is Rs.63)
The biggest weakness of the stock is that a large part of the holding is with general public. FII's and mutual funds had a good holding in the stock in Dec,2004. However they sold off majority of the holding by March.
However, in last few sessions, a buying momentum is seen and this a indicator of interest in the stock at current levels.

Investment Guru recommends investor to keep a watch on the counter . A few more sessions of good volumes can turn the tide for the stock. Moreover, the company has come out with good results.
Investors willing to take some risk can enter the counter right away.

( I am an active boarder at money control and I am aware that many investors were trapped in this stock at Rs. 60 levels. However,at current levels,the stock looks promising )

Happy Investing !!


Anonymous said...

any info on the real EPS on teledata??

says EPS of 40rs?


Rajesh Soni said...

Hi Vinod, as per NSE data, the EPS for the year ended 2004-05 is Rs.24.
Makes a good buy at current levels (I have mentione the word "risk" in ny post which relates to the volatility shown by the stock)
From EPS stand point also , the stock looks attractive.
Comments invited from our friends who have anything to add to the post or views.
Cheers !

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,
After reading your post, I am of view that that you have spotted a gem. The stock definitely looks attractive at this level. Any reason why have u not posted it under Investment Idea and instead chosen "the third eye column"?

Anonymous said...

Dear Rajesh, Excellent piece of advice. I have fallen for your blog and I am a regular visitor though I do not comment frequently. I rate your blog as the best blog on Indian markets.
Thanks for all your hard work to make our life better. We owe you !

Anonymous said...

I am very new to this equity market. I would like to know about dividend, interim dividend, interim bonus etc. Apart from the market transaction benefits, what are the other yields we get out of a stock. Can any of you reply to me with a realtime illustration?

- Ram, from chennai.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the reply & advice Rajesh. i do agree with you on the risk & opporunity.

Anonymous said...

do you know what is the code in ICICI DIrect.


Anonymous said...

The code in ICICI is TELDAT

Rahul Munjal said...

Hey.... 2 GURUs advising the same thing. It needs to be very good. Actually, I am impressed with both if these blogs. I got trapped once from some other source who gave the wrong information with wrong intentions.

But i trust these 2 Gurus (Investment guru and IPO guru).

I placed a Limit bid at 28 for 100 shares of TELEDAT. May i get that tomorrow. If not, tomorrow morning i'll buy it at 30 or so.


Rahul Munjal said...

Future will tell that. Right now, no comments at Nitin's comment. I purchased 100 @ 28 Rs and am expecting it to grow.....

Anonymous said...

I also purchased 150 at Rs 29

For the first day, it's down and closed just lower than 28
Expecting that it raises in short term.

Let's hope for the best and let's pray that Rajesh ji's prediction should shower money on us :)

Rajesh Soni said...

Hi Guys,
Before you get further involved in this discussion, Let me first calrify you one thing about my blog. I have two different columns : One is Investment Idea and the Other is "The Third Eye"
When I put Investment Idea , I clearly specify the Target price, target period, reasons and other details about the stock and a clear recommendation to buy or sell.
The Column "The Third eye" is an indicator of a probable action in a particular stock.I never give any price target or period for this column. This column never say "Buy". It will always tell you to watch the counter for some further indications.

Now coming to the Teledata, I have clearly mentioned in my post the fact that the majority stock is with public. The FII shareholding has come down from dec. to March.
Also I clearly mentioned that one should watch this counter for few more seesions.
Here is the extract from my post :

"Investment Guru recommends investor to keep a watch on the counter . A few more sessions of good volumes can turn the tide for the stock"

I still feel and maintain that this counter is attractive. The stock has come down from 60 levels in last few months. and has strong resistance at 23-24 levels. At current price downside is very limited. Howver, the upside is quite strong, but all depends on the volumes generated by this stock. I already mentioned that only those who can take some risk should go for it straight-away. So, where is the confusion ?

All those guys who have bought the stock after seeing this post need not panic.
I am quite hopeful at that at this level your buying will give you good fruits.

Still, my request to visitors is to read the post fully and carefully. It's your money. so invest wisely and keep your belief in Investment Guru.

Investment always has a certain element of risk and stock market is not a right place for a person who doesn't have guts to loose.(though not necessarily loose!)


Anonymous said...

Hi Rajesh...

Thanks for your insights.I am still quite puzzled as to why a company with EPS of 25/- languishes at Rs27 after going upto 62,despite good results.I understand that they are into s/w products in the marine, educational and utilities markets.

1)Going forward what do you think could act as a trigger for this stock?

I understand that they made acquisitions to further their implementation skills in software such as SAP, JD Edwards and BaaN.Seems that marine s/w is the only unique/less competetive area that they are into...Do you think that they have a sustainable business model...

2)Say if the scrip rises what level do you think would be good to book profit? (I do understand that you have put this under The Third Eye as an idea for those with a gumption of risk taking but your suggestion wld be welcome)

Have a nice weekend Rajesh !!


Anonymous said...

Right said Nitin...
Rajesh, we fully appreciate your efforts and believe you to be a true "Investment Guru".
Kindly do post a Disclaimer stating your position in the stocks advised/reviewed.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rajesh,

I'm not sure if you have come across this firm called Spectra Industries (ICICI code SPEIN). Its given continuous upper circuits, and moved from 8.99 to 28.08 in a firtnight. Whats the funda of such stocks? When does the trading happen? What is the risk of investing in such shares? Is it healthy? Can one's money get "locked"? What is your opinion on the same?


(p.s.: Sorry for posting this here.)

Anonymous said...

As per Rajesh's reccomendation, i have bought 1000 shares @29.00.I strongly believe that it has resistance at 25.00 and chances are high to go up. cheers!


Rajesh Soni said...

Hi Glassnost,
Thanks for your valuable feedback on the blog layout. I understand and appreciate your views , however it is not feasable to remove the sponsored ads. Actually , there are some very useful and valuable links available in these ads and I encourage viewers to keep checking these ads. These may not benefit me much, but will definitely incerasing your understanding of different markets . Many of these ads contain useful educational information too.
However, I agre that some irrelevant ads also show up. I do not have control over that. The sponsor decides on the ads to be shown.
I also encourage viewers to use google search engine provided in the blog.
I have also put a stock qoute tool bar, where you can search for realtime qoutes.
Cheers !

Anonymous said...

Hi Guru,
Thanks for the excellent idea. It looks like some people, who have burnt their fingers in the stock earlier are trying to oppose this idea.
However, I am sure that this share will do well.For long term, I have a target of Rs.100 on this share. and I have purchased 500 shares @28.
There are some issues which have resulted in a free fall, and I think this is the right time to utilise this opportunity to buy in to this share.
I am ready to risk Rs. 5-6 per share from my purchase price and I can see a gain of at least Rs. 30-50 in this share within 6 months.
Once again thanks to our investment guru. we remain commited to your ideas irrespective of what these people say because you are the expert , not these guys.

Rajesh Soni said...

Hi Glassnost,
I have made some chages to the sponsored links. Hope you find the layout of the blog bettr now.
Appreciate your views.

Anonymous said...

hi Rajesh,
Would like to have your view on IDFC ipo.It has been oversubscribed by 18 times. But the individual section has been subscribed only by .03. Also , the issue size is for 1400 crs.This means that the chances of the alottment are also good. Your comments awaited.

Rajesh Soni said...

Regarding IDFC:
A major portion of individual subscription comes on the last date. I will post an update on the IPO soon (before it closes :))

Anonymous said...

Thanks to glassnost for the links to these website. It was quite useful. But we want a word from Investment Guru, before applying.

Rahul Munjal said...


I just got across some of the news regarding Tele Data.
I purchased 200 shares of the same @ 29 Rs. Please suggest me what to do after referring these documents?


Rajesh Soni said...

Hi Rahul and other viewers,
I have gone through the links and didn't find anything convincing enough to feel worried about the stock( these are my personal views).
Looks like , most of these are the outcries of persons have bought this stock at higher levels (around Rs.60)and now feeling cheated.
I agree that this stock carries some risk element, but I would keep a position in the stock until it goes below Rs.20. If it goes below 20,I would book a marginal loss. The scrip is showing good volumes, which for last 10 days, which shows that there is a accumulation of this stock at some levels.
I will not forecast the target price for this stock(since this doesn't come under category of Investment Idea). But , I do not mind holding it with some risk.
So make up your mind and decide you course of action. If you are worried, better sell it off (because peace of mind is very important to stay invested successfully).

Anonymous said...

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Rahul Munjal said...

TELEDATA shooted up today !!!
It's closed at about 33 Rs

Should we book profits??? Or should we hold it for long......

Can u guess the reason behind this shoot up in this stock?

And will it remain to show good colors in future also????

August 04, 2005 5:18 PM

Anonymous said...

I bought 720shares of Tele data @ Rs28.30. Current price is Rs33.45.
Please let me know the strategy i must follow for maximum possible gain.

Anonymous said...

Dear Investment Guru
I bought 100 shares of teledata based on your recommendation and the stock is up today. I think the persons who initially put doubts to your idea must be felling left behind.
Thanks for your excellent ideas. Pl. keep guiding us. I am investing only based on your blog and I am a strong believer of your ideas. Thanks and full marks to you for the good returns I have got from investments per your ideas.

Anonymous said...

hi rajesh,

Do u think there is potential in this stock... this oen has beeen going down down and down... Is there anything wrong with this one? dont mind holding long on this but what would you say on this. Found your page when was searching about Teledata on google.


Anonymous said...

Hi Rajesh,
What is your latest review on this stock(Teledata informatics)?.
CMP is 17.00 Rs/-.

Anonymous said...

Hi investment guru,

Please speak up on teledata informatics. Many investors are trapped in it.
Your valuale comments are highly appreciated.
best reagards,