The Third Eye - Gufic Bioscience

The Gufic Biosciences counter has shown huge demand today with more than 28 Lac shares traded. The stock is up 20% and currently trading at Rs. 34.75 with no sellers and pending buy orders of 13 Lac shares.
The stock has 52 Week high of Rs.46 and 52 week low of Rs.23
With market still maintaining at the top levels, investors are looking for stocks which have not yet run up high and that's why you will some some new stocks making news every other day.


Anonymous said...

rajesh why do u think gufic is going up and what kind of targets do u think it will scale...?

Sir do u by any chance track petronet or nagrjuna fert .If so what is ur opionion on those stocks?

Anonymous said...

Hi Rajesh,

Can you have a look at Oudh Sugar. It's making a lot of gains lately . The graph also looks good. Any recommendations on this. What would be the target price and time frame , if i am to invest in this.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rajesh,
Good to have you back after the the way, what do you think of Timex Watches. Script seems to having good volumes and price also heading northward.

a regular

Anonymous said...

Power Trading Corpn.(PTC)
PTC gave good quarter result and fundamentally strong prospectus. Stock also quoting around 45 with year high 60+...seems is one of those stock waiting to be caught fancy of experts and small investors.
Better start buying before it hits over the roof.

Anonymous said...

Hmm rajesh Gufic Biosciences counter its now flat today ...I have picked up some of it @ Rs. 34.75.SO should i keep it a short term or long term investment and what kind of returns should i look for exiting?
what do u think of its foray into biotechnology ?
I am expecting a reply on this dont let me down ....

Anonymous said...

Both Third Eye stocks....
Gufic Biosciences and Tele Data Informatics are running flat.

Any suggestions on any of the stock??

Sell? Hold? or Buy More?

I purchased Tele Data but m waiting to see some growth in Gufic Biosciences. I'll invest as soon as i'll see the graph moving up.


Rajesh Soni said...

Dear friends , The stock featuring in "the Third Eye " column are meant to be watched before entering. I do not track them personally, If I do I will let u know. Its just focussing on stocks showing a sort of unusual movement or a trend.
Teledata is consolidating at current levels. I would hold on to the stock.

Gufic biosciences : It was quite natural for it to come down after a vlume of 52 Lak shares in one day for such stock. The guys who bought yesrtday have booked profits today.
Such stocks should be eneterd with day trading perspective. I think you can get out of the stock at little higher levels to your purchase price.

Rajesh Soni said...

You can wait for few more days to see the action in GUFIC BIO. If it generates good volumes in next few sessions, you will get a chance to make some bucks.
All the best!

Anonymous said...

Thanks rajesh Have a nice weekend!!!

Anonymous said...

How do you buy a stock which is in Up CKT ? I bid for a price of 43 and it got rejected from icicidirect!

Anonymous said...


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