Where is Investment Guru ?

Dear Friends,
You must be wondering why this blog is not updated for last 7 days? Where is Investment Guru? Is he away from the markets for time being ?
To reply to your questions I would say, partly yes and partly no.
I went for an offsite session on last friday, so didn't look at the markets.
I decided to do something different on this weekend, so just went out to a calm place to do some soul searching (no double meaning please !)
It's a good idea to go to a calm and peaceful place and just think about yourself and see whether you are living your life towards your objective or do you need to reorganise yourself.

I did a cursory watch on the markets during this week, which is not taking any breather as of now. I am right now more focused on selling in those stocks where I have good profits and have some liquidity to use when the markets takes a pause. I also believe that even if markets falls, some stocks are there to stay and go against the current. Just trying to identify those stocks (will share some of those with you , once I have some stuff to serve to you guys!)

I will be back with some more updates on the blog!

One more thing, if you have noticed that I have introduced one more link to the list of useful links . I would like to introduce you to the "FUN BLOG" It's a blog basically designed to provide some moments of laughter with good jokes. It is an open blog where you can share you jokes with all the viewers. Investment Guru recommends viewers to go through this blog regularly. Jokes play an important role in changing the mood swings to positive and bring smiles & laughing moments. I believe most of you will agree that to spend some such moments everyday is necessary. So lets join this effort to bring smiles to all faces and lets have some fun with the fun blog. Contribute jokes to the blog and be part of this blog. You can send your jokes to funfunda@sify.com
Cheers !


Anonymous said...

Hi Rajesh,
I appreciate your writing skills.
Yes, I did visited the Fun Blog. Good stuff. Is this blog also yours or you gave link to it.
Anyway, it was good fun. I will send some jokes to the email address mentioned.
Thnaks for giving us the reason to laugh!

Anonymous said...

Please put your update on IDFC.

Anonymous said...

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