NectLife IPO Allotment Status

The Nectar Life Sciences Limited's IPO allotment status is now available

  • NectLife Allotment Status

    Rahul Munjal said...

    Dear Rajesh,
    Any suggestions on Yes Bank that is listing today?

    Rajesh Soni said...

    The listing is quite good. I am keeping my fingers crossed to see how it goes during the day.

    Anonymous said...

    Hii Rajesh,
    Its kunal here again :) .. Should i hold Nectar for long term or sell it off on listing day checking the gains?

    what is ur opinion


    Narendra Kumar said...


    I have been reading your posts regularly.
    I also, I had put some comments and you have replied for it.
    But, to read the reply, I have to rivist the post and then only I will know about it.
    Is there any way, to let us know by mails that there is reply waiting for me.
    And also a trigger for new posts?

    Just like yahoogroups.
    Or you can open a group in yahoo or google and we can join that. Once there is new post, you just post it in that group and we will get a mail.

    May be others have better ideas.
    Please do consider......


    Rajesh Soni said...

    Hi Kunal,
    It depends on how it lists . If it lists at good premium to offer price you can opt for listing gains.

    Anonymous said...

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    Rahul Munjal said...

    Dear Narendra,

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