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Investment Idea gives 85% return in 2 Months

The debut Investment Idea by Investment Guru has shown its true colours !
Investment Guru recommended investment in Karnataka bank at Rs.64 levels in the month of May-05 for a period of three months and the stock is today ruling at Rs.119.
Felling left out ? Those viewers who have invested on Investment Guru's recommendation must be cheering up !!!

Those who have missed the chance are advised not to lose heart. Keep a close watch on this blog for the upcoming Investment Ideas!!!
Lots of Investment ideas to keep coming on this blog.
Happy Investing !!

Coming soon on Investment Guru
Watch Inevstment Guru taking stock of its recommendation and telling you how much you would have earned following the recommendations ! Investment Guru SCORE CARD coming soon....


Anonymous said...

Excellent idea from Guru.
I had purchased 100 shares at Rs. 90. Shall I hold or buy ?

Rahul Munjal said...

You proved that you have sharp eyes. I had not started investing when you gave your last idea.

Now, I'm waiting for your next short term investment idea. This blog is really great !!


Anonymous said...

Many thanks to rajesh for this advice. I bought 200 shares at Rs.80. I am still holding it.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately I missed the bus. I wish not to do the mistake on ur next recommendation.


Anonymous said...

Guru is great!
I am new to this field and planning to follow Guru's advice.
Hemant from nasik

Anonymous said...

it would be of great help if you could give a weekly investment idea.
Perhaps a stock that is going to give good appreciation in short term strategy.
btw, I am a regular visitor to youe are doing a great job for people who are new to this arena.

Anonymous said...


I am already on the bus. I have taken up all your ideas and its gr8. Currently BIOCON and GE SHIPPING. Looking ahead to make good money :). Karnataka bank gave good returns, Not looking to make more money to sold it day b4 yesterday.
Thanks for all your suggessions and advices


Rajesh Soni said...

Regarding all aprreciations,
Thanks Guys, It's really satisfying for me to see you guys beaming with joy after earning from Investment Idea on this blog.

You will get many more keep coming to the blog
Happy Investing !

Anonymous said...

I am also a Chartered accountant and new to field of stock your views and found very useful for non finance people also.Keep it up.
I want to your list of recomended buys.I hope I can also catch the bandwagon.