Reliance Power - In "Name" lies the Power

Dear friends, you must have heard a lot on Reliance power IPO and why not, there is an unprecedented euphoria for this IPO. Ask anybody and the reply will be – “Reliance Power- Yes, I am going to apply for it”. This is called the power of Name or say power of brand Value. You can sell a rock for a price of diamond if it is sold in the name “Reliance” and yes such brands are not created in days. It has taken late Sh. Dhiru Bhai Ambani a life time to create this brand and such is the magic of the brand that a project which is going to be up and running only in 2010 can ask a massive premium and that too with a expectation of it doubling on the listing day. So who says “Naam mein Kya rakha hai ?”

I am not going to write an IPO update sort of thing on reliance power. Why ? because I don’t think anybody would like to read me on whether they should apply for it or not! But I would like to dwelve on some questions that this IPO has raised.

Is Reliance Power going the RPL way?

Yes, the IPO of Reliance Power has something in common with that of Reliance Petroleum apart from fact that both are from “Reliance” stable. Investors have seen what happened to RPL post listing. Reliance Power is similar to RPL since it is not going to generate revenues till 2010. So, what does this convey ? This conveys that once the listing euphoria is over, the scrip will be dependent on news on the progress of its projects to move up or down and will be quite volatile with downward bias. I am not sure if you agree with me or not but Anil Ambani does not stand anywhere near the execution intelligence of big brother Mukesh Ambani and the they way the various projects of Reliance power are lined up, it would be an uphill task for Junior Ambani to withstand the trust of the investors. Let’s hope for the best.

Should One apply for fully paid or partly paid ?

This has been a bit confusing part for the investors. Company has provided two options. Option”A” where the investors can apply for fully paid up share. In this case they have to pay Rs. 430 (as Rs. 20 discount for Retail Investors) per share at the time of application.

Under Option “B” the investors can apply for partly paid shares. In this case they have to pay only 25% of the share price. The company will make a call for the balance amount post listing and the investors have to pay the balance amount at that point of time. In this case the investors will not be able to sell on the listing day since they will have only partly paid shares.

Now there is a catch. The company reserves the right to adjust the refund payable to the investors against the partly paid shares and issue fully paid up shares. In this case these investors would also get fully paid up shares and can sell them on listing.

Now the mathematics is that if the retail portion gets oversubscribed by more than 4 times (which it surely will) the partly paid investors will also be issued fully paid up shares and the refund due on their application will be adjusted towards the balance payment. In that case it would be advisable to apply for partly paid shares. If any friend has any information contrary to this please let us know by leaving a comment.

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Anonymous said...

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you could not be more correct.... in your blog post about reliance.

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Nitin said...

Hi Rajesh
In your pervious post you have mentioned that FII will sell in Janaury and February and markets can correct. Looks like this has started. How far can the markets correct from here ?

R.John Christy said...

Dear Rajesh,
You are doing a great work. I request you to refer page No.5 (Point No.42, under that sub point No.7) of the Reliance Power IPO form. I quote " where a bidder has been allocated a lesser no. of equity shares than the bidder has bid for, the excess amount, if any, paid on bidding, after adjustment towards the balance amount payable on the equity shares allocated,will be refunded to the bidder from the Refund Account". So all retail investors would get fully paid up shares regardless of the payment option chosen.
Keep it up your good work.
With regards,
R. John Christy

R.John Christy said...

One correction. Those retail investors who applied more than 60 shares would get fully paid up shares regardless of the payment option chosen.
Keep it up your good work.
With regards,
R. John Christy

Rajesh Soni said...

Yes Nitin, The current market movement has to do with the profit booking done by FII's and also to the global clues. I don't want to put a magical numbers where the selling will stop as markets works on number of factors. But as I mentione din the post , a bounce back is emitent since Domestic factors are positive and global clues would eventually pave way for more money coming to India. Hence, I would advice Investors to start making staggard buying in quality stoks.

Rajesh Soni said...

Hi John, Thanks for your valuable comments. Given the oversubscription numbers, investors who have applied for part payment option should be able to realise a higher return on their investments since their capital investment was lower.

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