IPO Allotment Status : Jyothy Laboratories

Jyothi Laboratories - IPO Allotment Status

Click her to Check Allotment Status of Jyothi laboratories IPO

The stock was offered to investors @ Rs. 690 and the grey market is putting a premium of Rs 200 on the offer price.

Meanwhile Both BGR Energy (100 x)and Transformers and Rectifiers (82 x) IPO have been hugely oversubscribed on the closing day.


Pradeep said...

Hi Rajesh,
Off late I have been extremely disapppointed with your blogs. We used to get soem nice tips from your site and we really admired you for that. But now a days we get only IPO info from your site which is not of much use. We get those inof from any XYZ site. I wish you return back to your old mode and really help others here. thank you

Rajesh Soni said...

Hi Pradeep,
Appreciate your candid feedback. I amit that off late I am able to post only IPO related info on the blog and unable to spend time on the real USP of the blog. I hope I get some more time to update the blog with market updates, Investment Ideas and similar stuff.

Anonymous said...


Listen to vox populi.

Pay some attention to ur blog.


Anonymous said...

Hi Rajesh

Any recommendations for the forthcoming IPOs or some scrips which an yield good return in short/medium term



Anonymous said...

Hey rajesh do you have teledata Stocks and can you tell me what is going on with this stock.

Anonymous said...

Rajesh Sir.....please give some recommendations for the new year. I want to invest for a 3-4 months time frame and expecting 25% profit..... i hope you will increase your blogging frequency in this year : ) and benefit us with your superb knowledge of stock markets. I have personally benefitted fronm your stock ideas so pelase keep showering them !!

your avid reader

Anonymous said...

Dear Rajesh,
I hold 100 shares of Skumars bought on your recommendation @Rs. 80. The stock has now stabilised at 150-160 levels. DO you still see an upside in the stock or shall i sell these now ?


Very interesting Stocks in the science and techology area should do very well if chosen carefully.