PFC IPO to list tomorrow

Expected to list in the range of Rs. 105-115

Power Finance Corporation(PFC) is listing tomorrow on NSE and BSE. PFC is a leading public sector company providing finance services focused at power sector. The companies clientele includes both central and state power units as well as the private sector companies. PFC intends to set up India Power Fund (IPF) with outlay of Rs. 200 crore to invest in power sector projects. Given the thrust of the government on the power sector reforms, PFC is all set to gain by financing the various power projects.

The IPO was oversubscribed by 77 times. However the retail portion got oversubscribed only 1.15 times resulting in good allotments for retail category. QIB's portion got an overwhelming response and it got oversubscribed by 137 times. This segment can grab shares tomorrow to satisfy its hunger. Given the company prospects and oversubcription, Investment guru is of the view that the stock may list in the range of 105-115 giving a listing gain in the range of 25 -35%.
Any listing at or above this range should be used as an opportunity to garner listing gains.


Anonymous said...

Rajesh hello,

i have one querry rajesh regarding cairn india, i applied in its ipo and was alloted 245 shares, i held on to it as u said that it will cover up losses in the time to come but now it has gone to 125 levels from 150 levels,what u suggest should i move out or should i stay in to cover losses.

ur suggestions will be highly solicited

Anonymous said...

hey rajesh, any comments on Mindtree IPO. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

happy holi sir,and yes thanks for all the refined and solid information all along,
will be good and nice if u can plz throw some light on listing strategy of IDEA.........



Anonymous said...

Enjoyed reading your blog...


Active Daytrader

Anonymous said...

Rajesh i have invested in skumar nationwide at 76/- in 1200 shares,it sustained most of the carnage but now i see that it has started to fall,what will you suggest should i sell a part and enter at lower level or should i hold to it.

rajesh i will be very very much thankful to you if you please tell me something about this scenario.

Rajesh it is a request....hope you will reply.

thanking you,

Rajesh Soni said...

Hi Arun,
Not only cairn, the recent carnage had a impact on the entire spectrum of stocks and recently listed stocks bore more burnt . As I told in my earlier posts too, Ciarn is a long term story. It would recover as markets recover. However, if you not keen to hold for long term, an exit from this counter may be appropriate.

Rajesh Soni said...

Mindtree IPO had a recorbreaking success and as a result the listing was quite good. Howver, at current levels I would recommend booking profits to reenter at later stage. Fundamentally the comany is a good one.

Rajesh Soni said...

Hi Raman,
Though I am late on replying, I beleive that one can book profits at Rs. 90 levels.

Rajesh Soni said...

Hi Arinjay
If you are a medium term investor and you have no immediate need for liquidity, I would suggest a hold (though you enetered at a relatively higher price). Skumar is a good story and there are talks of a demerger of the retail division which should help unlock value.

Rajesh Soni said...

Dear Friends,
Having some technical problems with the blog hence unable to post for few more days to come.

Thanks for your continued support.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Hello Rajesh thanks for my querry on skumars,your words give me hope,
also today i saw in that skumar is having a EGM on 26th march
wherein they are issuing some equity at 82rs per share,does that mean that
the share prices will go up,if so should we buy some more shares of skumars,
i have already 1200 at 76 and if i buy 600 more it will also reduce my average
price,sir what do u suggest.