Happy & Colourful Holi to all Readers!!

Dear Readers ,
On the occassion of this festival of colours and joy, I wish all the readers of the Investment Guru blog a happy and colourful holi! The markets are closed today and you can enjoy the festival without worrying about the index! As we are talking of colours. may I wish that you make money from stocks irrespective of whether it is in blue or red zone. I am unable to devote time to the blog since last two weeks due to some personal circumstances and appreciate your patronage to the blog even during my absence from the blog. I would be back soon once I am settled with recent development on personal front. The markets have welcomed the budget and liquidity continue to drive the markets. Experts are awaiting a correction,however, markets will show thumbs up to fundamentally strong stocks in large and midcaps irrespective of the anticipated correction mode.


Anonymous said...

Happy Holi to you too Sir!

jaw_amo said...

Same to U rajesh

Anonymous said...

hi rajesh,

Happy holi to you too...

I had a question about The Third Eye : Teledata Informatics Ltd. posted on Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Do u think there is potential in this stock... this one has beeen going down down and down... Is there anything wrong with this one? Atleast i do not find anything wrong with the financials. But we never know. I am holding about 8000 Shares at a rate of 45. Found your page when was searching about Teledata on google.


Anonymous said...

Hi Rajesh
Thanks for the holi wishes. Same to you.
The indo tech and pratibha have listed very high . I have sold partly. pl. advice if I can sell all the shares or can keep a hold.

Shankar said...

Hi Samson,

Teledata is a crap company. Please get out of that stock.

Please read Jagadish's perfect analysis of the stock (something I too missed out on, although I could feel something was fishy in this scrip)


Warm Rgds

Anonymous said...

If you find time, kindly advice on the Indo tech and pratibha IPO's.

Anonymous said...

Buy Sunflag / ESCORTS / MRO-TEK / Lupin

Target in next 35 days
1. Sunflag Iron and Steel
(Buy @14.05 Sell @19.45)
(Buy @85.50 Sell @114)
3. MRO-Tek
(Buy @75 Sell @93.25)
4. Lupin
(Buy @945 Sell @1150)

pips said...

M&M had a lukewarm listing while Kashyap has exploded!!!
Guys , is there any theory behind such erratic listing of stocks ?

Anonymous said...

buy rajesh exports for a target of Rs.240 by next week

Anonymous said...

Hi Rajesh,

Any idea why Aksh Optic is going down heavily ? Please share your updates on this stock.

Thanks and Regards,

Supal Patel

Anonymous said...


Any views why aksh opti is going down?

Anonymous said...

This is the draw back of Rajesh Soni Ji, coz he already recommended some stocks and expired the time frame also and people are writing and expecting some update from him. But he is not listening either not able to answer.

There won't be any problem if you say that now so so....... stock please sell otherwise it will go more down.

People are expecting only the thng that we should not be more loss.

Please take care of this comment. Because we are loosing more than the gaining.

Thanks and Take care.

Abhisekh said...

Rajesh ji with due respect i will like to say that investement ideas and analysis may sometime turn in a negative side may be in the short time because of the erratic nature of markets......but but but sir please do take out some time once in a while to update on the strategies for such stocks.....

Your admirer,

Anonymous said...

Dear Rajesh Ji,
I'm regular viewer of your blog..Off late, I'm seeing that there were no updates..Now, I understand the reason behind...
One humble request to you..If you could update the blog atleast once in a week with your findings of the trend in market, it would be a great help to all the investers..
Expect to see your comments.


Anonymous said...

Now Rajesh ji will not see any comment and will say that sorry I had gone somewhere.

But originally is that he is not having any answer. This is the strategy you are following, what is this Rajesh ji.

Atleast you should have told if any script is going to be in trouble or to be hold for long term.


Anonymous said...

Hi Rajesh,

Can you comment on below scripts :

1. Beeyu Overseas
2. Aksh Opt
3. Teledata
4. Vishal Export

If you don't have any news, why you are putting people in trouble.


Rajesh Soni said...

Dear friends,
Specially anonymous who is getting crazy about the stocks I have mentioned in my blog, request you to do a thorough investing of a stock before investing. Also do not depend solely on me for updates. There are lot of resources available to check health of a stock. Its important to have a investing sense before putting your money.

I am pretty busy right now and do not have enough time to update the blog but I promise that I will definitely review all my Investment Ideas for the esteemed visitors of this blog. but please dont wait for me to update, if you are feeling impatient about any stock, kindly refer to your personal finance advisor.

I have relocated from Bangalore to Gurgaon. The 5 year stay in bangalore was memorable and a stepping stone in my career.

I wish all the visitor happy investing and will be back soon with you guys on the blog.
Thanks for the understanding!

Secret admirer said...

Dear readers,

Rajesh soniji is not charging a pie from us people to give his investement ideas.Such a talented and generous person should not be questioned in the manner in which he was.There are certain investement consultancies which give you tips and analysis which are purely biased and aligned with their own interests.So if soniji is giving his time for us people we should respect it.In share markets there is always a risk involved and so everyone of us should be prepared for some untoward moves in a particular stock.
I can just hope that rajeshji will not get discouraged by these comments,but obviously he would have felt bad.Anyways being such a generous person he will forget this and keep giving us his very needed suggestions and recommendations.

Secret admirer.

Anonymous said...

hi Rajesh
congrats & welcome in North.This is not a right way .why u not informed me for this good news.any way best of luck for new atmosphere.
Manmohan Singh

Anonymous said...

welcome to NCR

anshul said...

Dear Rajesh,
Congratulations for coming back to the heart of India! We can understand your paucity of time because of your relocating and hope to see your valuable posts on the blog soon!

I personaly felt very bad by seeing some surcastic comments and i feel such people who do not know abcd of investing should stop coming to this blog

Rajesh ji, please take your time and continue to guide us.

best regards

Anonymous said...

Hi rajesh
Kindly provide you guidance on following stocks :

Dynemic products
Yes Bank
Mahindra Financial
Reliance industrial infrastructure
Tulip ITS
Kernex Microsystems
Infosys technologies


prashant said...

Dear investment guru
based on your recommendation under Third eye dated 3rd february , I have bought 50 shares of rajesh exports @ avergae price of 190. The stock price has reached 290 today. Will it go further up?

BTW , thanks for the wonderful idea and I am a regular visitor of your site. please reply to my question at the earliest possible.


Anonymous said...

rajesh export has crossed 300!

Anonymous said...

Could you please update us with latest market position?
Are the markets likely to fall in coming days?

Anonymous said...

buy reliance industries for a target of 900 in 3 months.

buy reliance industrial (also advised by Investment guru earlier) for a target of 490

buy indrapratha gas for target of 200 (1 month)
all above recos from leading equity house

Anonymous said...

I was looking for "rajesh exports" on google search and came across your wonderful site I wish i could have come earlier and took advantage of your recommendation on rajesh export. the message board is also an excellent feature and wud bookmark your site for regular visit

stockpicks said...

For free stock tips visit


prashant said...

Hi rajesh
your investment idea on Gujarat Ambuja has reached the target price of Rs.105. Thanks for your valuable idea. What do you suggest now? Hold or book profits ? I am holding 500 shares bought at average price of Rs. 76
Also please comment on future prospects of your another idea Aksh Optifibre. The competitor Sterlite opticals stock is doing well. So what's holding up Aksh?
However I am confident that your idea will definitely reacj its target. I also hold 500 shares of Aksh @ 67


Anonymous said...

sir,the markets are skyrocketing.
Please take some time to evaluate the coming weeks performance so that we can benefit out of it.

Anonymous said...

I need to invest 25000 Rs. in mutual funds. Should i invest in new fund offer or existing funds ?
Can anybody help me on this?

Anonymous said...

i am looking to inevst only in equity funds. pl. also tell which fund is good

Shankar said...

Its better to invest in flexible mutual funds ie. funds which can move money across large/small/mid caps and across sectors. Suggest you take up Reliance, HDFC or Franklin funds.

Rgds, Shankar

AMIT said...


Rajesh sirji we know that you like to pst only very authentic and confirmed analysis but sir this time we will be happy to get even a crude form of your ideas.Please sir do take out some time to comment out on your outlook for the markets.


Anonymous said...

sir, the markets have come down today. does this signals the start of the downfall? or should we use it to make fresh buying?

Anonymous said...

For those who were criticising rajesh for aksh optifibre, the stock has gained 20% in last 5 days. the stock might touch 80 in coming days and would be right strategy for those who wanna get out if they are not intrested in holding the stock.BTW, I am gonna hold 200 shares till Rs. 90 levels are reached.

Anonymous said...

the markets are melting again!another 200 points fall by end of day

Anonymous said...

is it worth applying in Reliance petroleun issue? What are the chances of allotment on an application of 1000 shares?

stockpick said...

Hot picks in this market!
TCS @1760
Gujarat Ambuja @101
PNB @ 420
Reliance Ind. @810
grab the stocks at above levels and be assured of 15-20% returns within a month

Anonymous said...

your recommendation on reliance industry has worked very well. (your article on reliance on 17th Janaury) I have bought 30 shares of reliance @ 702 (post demerger) and still holding. Today the stock has touched Rs.999. I know you have mentioned in your article that reliance is a evergreen stock for long term , but can I book profits at this level and reenter when the price comes down? or do you think that it has still big upside in short term? kindly help me take a decision in this regard.


Anonymous said...

Hot stocks for this week!


manish said...

hi rajesh
how are you ? hope everything is well. i am looking forward to see you back on the blog soon !


Blogger said...

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