ABG Shipyard - Allotment Status

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Anonymous said...

I got allocated 35 shares. Due to some problem with ICICI I could only bid for Rs.50,000/- worth :-(

Any idea by when will this be listed?


Anil Kumar said...

Today it is going to be listed.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rajesh,

What is your view on current IPOs like Tulip IT Services,PVR,Punj? Which one is your pick?

Please through some light on it.

Thanks and Regards,


Anonymous said...

Currently market is going up like rocket but kind of scrip I am holding (Escorts (200@110), SQL Star (250@47.50), Indusind bank (300@61), Sunflag (1000@16.20)) are not moving as per the expectation but if tomorrow market goes down they will definitely come down which is far more horrible for small investors like us...

jaw_amo said...

Hi Rajesh,
What r ur views on Ramsarup Ind & Radha Madhav?

Rajesh Soni said...

Hi Supal,
If I were to rank these IPO in order of preference, I would put highest money in Tulip, then in Punj Llyod and PVR would come at last.

Rajesh Soni said...

Hi Anonymous,
You should have done your homework before applying in these stocks than regretting afterwards.
Most of us make this mistake of trading on rumors and end up in blocking the hard earned money and just waiting for the stock to go up to the purchase price at least to come out of the stock !!!!

Of the stocks you mentioned, I track only IndusInd bank..You can hold on to it.

Anonymous said...

Respected sir
i do hold provogue(40@150)
jindal poly (15@360)ABG (35@185)
3i(71@100) tcs(17@850)
what is ur advice for me wether
ishould sell or hold if hold for which period
thanking u

Anonymous said...

Mr Soni,
Any comment on ABG listing, I was hoping for the closing price yesterday to be above 300. I've bought some in the 280-290, do you have any short term target.

Amit said...

Hi Rajesh,
Please give your valuable suggestion on Infosys. I boought 25 shares @2170. Shall I book profits since the stock is coming down?


Anonymous said...

Hi Rajesh,
Please can u give your valuable sugestion about relaince and dredging corporation. I know it will be hard for u if are not tracj=king them but if u can then it will nice of u.
Thank u

Anonymous said...


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Unknown!!! said...

GUJARAT AMBUJA CEMENTS.....crashing!!!!!!!!!:((((...
Rajesh ji...please tel what to do..it came for 84>>>79....sell! or hold!

Anonymous said...

Hi Anonymous

I opened your site www.oxpe.net and the next minute I found that it is an abuse site. isn't it? Please don't suggest like that. Most of the guys watching this portal are working in reputed companies. They don't allow these type of work. Unknowingly our jobs will be in trouble, if it goes to our managers. Please don't put our lifes in trouble for your fun.

Rajesh, to filter these type of entries I hope we need a moderator.

mukesh jaswal said...

what are the prospects of MRPL Triveni LG Balakrishnan and MOSchip I have 1000 shares of each?

Satya said...

Please comment on the share BIRLA VXL INDIA LTD.

I hold 500 shares of it @21 Rs.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rajesh
Need ur valuable input's on Current running IPO's like Bartonics, Clebrity Fash..

Siddhant Kumar said...

www.oxpe.net had clearly said 'playboy Free' you should know meaning of 'Playboy' first.

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Anonymous said...

rajesh ji pl enlighten us about the RELAINCE demerger effect on small investors. should we accumulate or sell or hold.pl mention abt the price u think wud be of 4 demerged companies.


Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,
Wish you Merry Christmas.
Didn't see your post for two weeks?
Please comment on the current market scenario?

Anonymous said...

I have not recieved the refund from ABG shipyard. Are they sending cheques. What is the procedure to follow up?

Rajesh Soni said...

Dear Visitors
Please avoid referring to play boy and other pronographic links on this blog. This is not the right place for such links.

Rajesh Soni said...

Effect of Reliance Demerger,
I have already published one post on how much you will get on the post demerger scenario.

However, things have changed a bit since the listing of the unlisted entities looks like being deferred for some time. I will write a fresh post in few days considering the new developments. However, don't expect any sharp rise in reliance stock for now.

Rajesh Soni said...

You should have received the refunds for ABG by now.
Please conatct the registrara(better, ring them to get quick response)