IDFC : Listing with a Blast!!

The IDFC Stock has listed at Rs. 50 on BSE and Rs. 60 on NSE.
Over 10 crore shares have been traded in just 30 minutes of trade.
The stock has seen huge buying since the stock is recommended for a long term excellent returns. .However, looking at the listing,it looks like that even the listing gains are not bad.
Investment Guru recommends investors to garnet the listing gains on 50% of thier holdings @ Rs. 69 and keep the balance to see if some firework is left in the stock.
We will get an opportunity to get back the stock at a lower levels than today in the coming days.
Happy Investing !!


MORHIA said...

Namaster Iguru,
I am one of those unfortunate fellows who didnt get alotment.
Can we buy now at market price ?

And Regarding nectar life sciences, Whis is stock trading at such a low price despite strong fundamentals ?
Should we buy them now for medium term gains ?

Anonymous said...

Gr8..Good Job..

Anonymous said...

Hey Guru,
What do you say @ sasken? Please let me know.

Anonymous said...

I have got 732 shares IDFC @ 34..I will not sell because I want to where it will go after one year..

Anonymous said...

For all thoe who have applied through ICICI Direct for Vivimed labs, the refunds have been credited to the acount.

Anonymous said...

Hi Have sold 100 shares @ 70. I am holding the balance per your advice

KS said...

I find your blog very interesting. Infact, i have added your blog as a link in my private space at

Let me know your opinion,

Basant said...


I visited your blog and was trying to put some comments,but dont know why this comments pop-up does not come-up there.

Anyway, what i wanted to point out is, in your Sasken IPO review, the PE of its comptetitor Flextronics is not 27 as mentioned by you , rather hovering around approx 20(with EPS of 31.5 and CMP of 630). Check these urls. OR

KS said...

hi basant,
I picked up the EPS,P/E details about SASKEN from their draft prospectus filed with SEBI sometime back which has since been revised.