Markets taste Freefall, Sensex dips by 265 Pts.

Exit Penny Stocks , Use dips as Investment Opportunity

The sensex had a free fall today ! Selling was witnessed acrosas the caps and stocks. The market breadth looked negative with huge selling acroos the markets.

The free fall has come after Sebi and regulatory authorities sending warning signals on the way markets was approaching to higher levels. Filters have been revised on a whole lot of small and mid cap srtocks and many stocks have been put to Trade to Trade segments.

In one way , the crash cab be termed as healthy sign for the markets. This will help protect small Investors being ruined of thier precious money by investing in unknown penny stocks.

Investment Guru recommends smart Investors to make use of this opportunity to invest in some good counters which have also come down in line with market sentiments.
Tomorrow's trade will be crucial as funds may start buying selectively in value stocks, while continued selling is expected in most of the mid caps and penny stocks.


Anonymous said...

Hello Rajesh,
ANy sign to watch out that will signify market turnaround...should we wait for price of value stock to fall further?

Anonymous said...

what all do u suggest as value buy for tomorrow....

Rajesh Soni said...

Hi Rahul,
The markets are in correction mode though the reason is different than what was expected. However, I feel this correction would be e healthy sign. Mu long term view on the market is still bullish. One needs to be stock specific now instead of taking calls based on the markets. I have put some stocks which look good at currrent levels for long term investing in my post. However this correction would definitely put a brake on the speed at which the sensex was zooming !

Rajesh Soni said...

Hi Rastogi
I have identified some stocks which look good in today's post.
However the list is not exhaustive.