Investment Idea-3 exceeds Target !!

Investment Idea -3 on Skumars Nationwide has reached its target well ahead of the time, thanks to the booming stock markets. The stock was recommended on Investment Guru Blog at Rs.23 and is currently qouting at Rs. 56. This translates in to a return of 143 % in just 4 months time frame.
Investment Guru recommends Investors to hold on to the stock. The Target for the stock is now Revised to Rs. 90 with a time frame of 1 year.

Happy Investing !!
The Next Investment Idea is coming soon on Investment Guru Blog


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I saw the same Investment Idea in Economic times few days back.
Investment Guru has given it 4 months back.
You are simply great !!

Thanks for such excellent ideas. I bought 100 shares @28 and still holdings

Anonymous said...

Hi Rajesh
I am holding on to cash to invest in your Investment Idea.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,
I am new to investing. I find your blog quite useful.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rajesh,

Could you please post your views on Southern online Bio IPO. Reagrds

Anonymous said...

comments on the new IPO please....

Anonymous said...

We are missing Investment Guru's postings for last few days!!

Rajesh Soni said...

Dear Friends,
Thanks for your messages.
The Investment Guru Dtabase campaign was quite successful and the numbers are still going on.
Thanks for your excellent response to add yourself to the database.

Regarding Anuj's comments: If you missed on the first 5 Investment ideas, you can always catch uo for the upcoming ideas. All the best !

Regarding Cool Cal: Yes, I am still positive on Skumars. This is a turnaround story and hence we are expecting the FY6 and FY07 EPS to be much much better than the earlier years. SO watch out for the results for rerating the stock. I would advice a hold.

It would be great if visitors putting comments as anonymous can mention their name so that I can address them with theri names.

Regarding Souther Online IPO,Alps IPO and Suzlon IPO, an update will be provided shortly on the blog.

Regarding Anil,
An Investment idea will be posted either tomorrow or on Sunday on this blog (thanks for your patience!)

I wasn't able to attend to the blog due to hectic work these days. Would try to be more frequent in coming days.
Would request all to continue sharing their views through the message board even if you dont find updates.

Happy Investing!


Excellent target