Investment Guru rules - Spice jet reaches Target !

The Investment Idea No. 2 Royal Airways (known as Spice jet ) which was recommended in later part of May2005 has not only reached its target but has also surpassed it by a big margin.
The stock was recommended on this blog at a price of Rs.63 with a three months time frame and a target price of Rs.90. The stock is currently qouting at Rs. 115. This gives a absolute return of 83% in just 3 months.

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Happy Investing!!


Anonymous said...

just came across this wonderful blog! sounds like I'm missing out on this bull run. Can someone help me?
I live in the U.S (perm. resident with Indian passport) I'd like to trade stocks/funds in Indian market. How can I go about it? I heard about sharekhan, icici direct etc but never known anyone in my situation who uses these services? Is it recommended to have a local (as in India) broker who can place the orders?
appreciate any responses.

Unknown!!! said...

Hi!...Really great lucky to find such an informative blog....i was depressed by sasken..i applied for 75 shares..but didnt get any..the last one i bought was IDFC...bought 200...and sold 125 shares..that was...a significant profit..i applied for just intersted in short term benifits...
ok Rajesh...i think i should regularily read ur blog..aprt from money control and cnbc...

Anonymous said...

People who are interested in investing from abroad can visit the site '' .it has a section on 'Investing from outside India'
Also the section 'IPO offerings' provides a good analysis of upcomming IPOs in Indian markets and that too free of cost...

Anonymous said...

Hi Rajesh
Thanks for provding such excellent idea. I bought the sahres a little later at 72 and still holding it.

Rahul Munjal said...

Hi Rajesh... I have 3 of ur recommendations TeleData, Narmada Che, Gufic. All are going down slowly. Gufic is giving me huge loss. Rest, teledata and narmada che are over my purchase price but are coming down slowly.

Please suggest whether to hold them with losses for expected gains or to book loss.

Also if you can comment on Vishal Exports and Tata Tele also, it would be my pleasure. I hold both of them also.


Anonymous said...

When is SASKEN listing and what should be our strategy??

Rajesh Soni said...

Hi Rahul,
Out of your 3 Buys , Only One is my recommendation . i.e., Narmada Chematur and the holding period for that is 12 Months. I would recommend you to hold that. Teledat and GUFIC were discussed in third eye which is more of directions of trading movements and they are not Investment Ideas. I hope by now the visitors would have got to know about differenet columns on my blog.
Only the Investment Idea cloumn is a cloumn where I do recommend a stock for buying.
However,since you have invested and still holding, I would suggest to evaluate your risk apetite. I am invested in teledata @25 levels and I am continuing to hold it (but please take your own decisions, because different investors have differenet risk attitudes). You can get out of Gufic. I know that after discussing that stock on my blog it went 15% up in next few sessions. If would have invested , i would have booked profits when it went up.
In investing , one really needs to be dynamic and willing to take decisions based on circumstances.
I hope all visitors understand the different columns on this blog and would invest prudently
I am happy to say that not even a single Investment idea has given a negative return till date and actually the returns have been excellent.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rajesh,
please give at least one investment idea for everymonth....

Anonymous said...

Hi Rajesh
Its a plesure 2 see ure blog doin so well,infact i hav been an avid reader since the beginning.Im doin MBA and a part of our reseach we have to find a model using which one can decide that shud a comapany go for IPO or not.
Im expectin a comment or favouraby a reply to mi email addrss;

MY email address:-

Rahul Munjal said...

Rajesh Ji,
I wrote you not b'coz i was complaining or so. But wanted your suggestions. I had been lazy when Gufic went up and thought that it will still move up. But it again came down steeply when i was busy in some affairs.

Anyways, thanks for ur suggestion. I am planning to stay invested in each of the stocks.

Thanks a Lot

Narendra Kumar said...

Hi Rajesh,

Thanks for all the ideas.
And it is heartening to know that each one of them have performed as you predicted.
Great going and keep it up.

But, I have two requests.
1. Every day we have to visit the blog and check for any post.
It would be great if we can get notified by an email whenever somebody posts.
If you want to give this suggestion a try, I have an idea of how to implement this.
Please let me know (My mail id:
2. It would be great if you can keep the frequency of "Investment Idea" posts to 1 month.
So we will have many choice and also we can know when to keep the money ready:-)


Rahul Munjal said...

Your requirement is a Yahoo Group. We already have a yahoogroup on IPOs named

You can subscribe that by sending a mail at

Whatever will be the updates, you will get through mails. Hope i solved your query.

Enjoy Investing !!


Rajesh Soni said...

Dear Narendra,
I can understand you concern.
I would request all visitors to keep patience. The blog is going to see a major restructuring and various tools which includes updates directly to your mailbox from the Investment Guru Blog.
It may take few weeks.
Meanwhile, all visitors who wish to
add themselves to the Investment Guru Database are kindly requested to send an email with subject"Add me to Investment guru database" and send to following email ID:
(Please do not send any personal queries to this email ID. I am planning to have another mechanism to address your personal queries in near future)

So keep logging on the Investment Guru blog and be a partner to the joyful journey of stock markets.
Happy Investing!!