FCS Software -Listing Strategy (Sep. 21)

As per NSe circular, FCS software is making its debut on stock exchange on Wednesday,September 21, 2005.

The stock is expected to list ion the range of Rs.80-90. Investors are advised to book profit on 50% of their stock position within first 2 hours of trading. For the balance , it is advised to watch the demand-supply pattern for the stock. Recently listed IPO's like Amar remedies have shown good strength and the momentum seem to continue.
With lot of volatility seen on listing days, I would avoid trading in the stock , however , investors ready to take risk may short over Rs.100 levels to cover up during the day. Similarly , a position can be built in the stock at around Rs. 70 levels to set off at higher levels during the day.

Wish all the visitors happy listing and smart money tomorrow!!


Rajesh Soni said...

FCS Stock lists at 400% premium
Many of the investors were taken aback today to see FCS software ruling at Rs.199 on the bourses. It is the only IPO after the Impex Ferro which has shown such a jump. This shows the frenzy among the buyers for the IPO's on the listing day. Anyway, on the other hand it is good opportunity for those who got allotment.
Investment Guru advice traders to be cautious as the stock may become more volatile during the day.

Rahul Munjal said...

what about TalBros? When is the allotment and what should be the strategy for maximum gains in short term??

Anonymous said...

I''m not familiar with this subject but interesed.