FCS bucks the Trend

Stocks lists at 400% premium
Many of the investors were taken aback today to see FCS software ruling at Rs.199 on the bourses. It is the only IPO after the Impex Ferro which has shown such a jump. This shows the frenzy among the buyers for the IPO's on the listing day. Anyway, on the other hand it is good opportunity for those who got allotment. Investment Guru advice traders to be cautious as the stock may become more volatile during the day.


Anonymous said...

Can you recommended any of the new IPO's.I am loking to invest a substantial amount.Also look to get the FCS returns effect .


Anonymous said...

what about ALPS and Southren?
If one has to take one among 2, what should he opt for??

Ankit Singhal said...

I would like to know your opinion on the issue of Suzlon Energy as soon as possible. Please post on that soon

Narendra Kumar said...

Hello Rajesh,

The much talked about correction in the market has started happening!
So, what is your view on this and how long will it last?
I am very curious to know your views. Hope you will post something on this.
Also, suggest some good scrips which we can buy at the end of correction.


Anonymous said...

Also, please suggest what to do with the scripts that u referred in ur Third Eye as well as Investment Ideas....

Thanks in advance.