The Third Eye: Mphasis BFL

The stock closed on NSE at 263 on friday. WIth the news that TCS has again come to foray in the race for the Barings stake sale, the stock may see some good movement in today's trading.
The stock saw a dip of Rs. 20 after the news that the bid for Barings stake may be around 260 per share. However with rumours of Tata back in action, the stock may see some volatility. The stock looks good for day trading .


Anonymous said...

Hi Rajesh,
Pls give your comments on FCS software IPO.

Anonymous said...

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Bratin B said...

Rajesh...Can we collaborate?

Bratin - 9880300120

Kiran Shridhar said...

Hi rajesh,
This is to express my gratitude for including a link to my blog in your web space. I see that atleast 10 hits daily are referred from your blog.

And BTW, the latest news on MPHASISBFL says, HTMT is looking to buy Barings stake at Rs.260/- or something. Another news is that Barings will delay the sale of its stake. whats your opinion about this contradicting news flow?

Thankg again,

Anonymous said...

why investment guru is so silent about FCS and amar remedies...?

Anonymous said...

Hi Rajesh:

I have been following your blog for sometime now and am very impressed. I made some small investments (between 10 to 40 grand) in stocks based on your advice and have made some profits.

The way the markets have been in the last year or so everybody has made money. I will continue to watch your blog and see how your advice turns out when the markets start going down which I am sure will happen in a cyclical manner. That I believe is the true test.

On the whole I like what you are doing and hope that you will continue to do the good work. Best of luck. Also if I make more money of your advice, I will be sure to buy you lunch the next time I am in Bangalore.

Narendra Kumar said...

So, when do we get the next investment idea?
It is been a long wait this time:-))


Anonymous said...

Till now, i bought tow of the recommended Third Eye stocks.. Gufic Bio and Tele Data and 1 Investment Idea... Narmada Che.

And among them i am sitting on profits for TeleData and Nar Che.
But Gufic is giving me huge losses.

What should i do of Gufic sir???