Investment guru rules !!!

Yet another reason for the investors to smile . The Investment Idea No. 2 on Spice Jet is showering money on the investors and those who invested based on the recommendation of Investment Guru Blog must be minting money.
The stock was recommended at Rs. 63 and is now qouting at Rs.90, a cool return of 43% in just 3 months !!!
The stock is in news following talks of interest shown by Hinduja group in buying a controlling stake in the company.
Keep a watch on the blog for may more Investment Ideas to come.
Happy Investing!!


Anonymous said...


Can u please comment on Vishal Export. I've total 600 shares of vishal exp. I'm really worried about it now.

Can u please tell me, the share rates will come down surely after bonus?


Anonymous said...

why you have to woory? What price you got it.. I bought for 20 and it's going at great guns..

Anonymous said...

Worried???? what's your entry price?? If it is below 30 then you need not worry, b`coz scrip is expected to touch 30 very soon and would remain around Rs. 10-13 after bonus... so no worries...

Narendra Kumar said...

Hello Rajesh,

I visit your blog very regularly and have suggested it to many of my friends.
Those who have believed you and invested in the stocks that you have suggested, have truly minted money.
Please continue the great work and keep suggesting good/value stocks.

It would be great if you can open a blog for taking questions, discussing portfolios or atleast individual stocks.