IDFC Ltd. – Listing Strategy

Expected Listing : Rs 45-50

The IDFC stock is getting listed on 12th August on NSE & BSE.
The issue price was Rs. 34 per share.
As I have already mentioned in the article on the recommendation for applying in this IPO, this stock is a good long term bet. Click here to see the article..

Following is the strategy that can be adopted by different investor groups:
For those intrested in listing gains : If the stocks lists around 45,you can book profits on 50% holdings and wait for day 1-2 to sell the ramianing shares.

For short term Investors (2-3 months) : Sell 50% on listing and hold the rest for 3 months duration.

For long term Investor: This group is going to benefit maximum out of the stock. Investor Guru recommends investors to maintian a long term hold on this stock for excellent returns (much more than the listing gains!)

Risk Factors :The risk factor for a good listing tomorrow is the big float of the stock. It was a large issue, hence the supply of the stock will be in huge quanitities tomorrow. This may lead to volatility in the stock after a initial good listing. Investors should devise their strategy accordingly.

Happy Investing!!


Anonymous said...

Dear Rajesh,
Thanks for the strategy.
We are eagerly awaiting your advice on the sasken IPO

Anonymous said...

another good blog :)