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Investment Guru Blog has moved to a custom domain. I had bought around two years back with intentions to open a full fledge website in future. The domain was lying idle since I do not have enough time to run a full fledge website. I came across the concept of Custom domain where one can point a blog to a particular domain and thought it would be a better use of the domain name till I launch a website.

The Blog address http://rasoni.blogspot .com continues to be functional and would redirect you to the domain.

If you have a domain name would like to use it for your blog, it’s very simple to do so. Blogger provide comprehensive and easy to follow steps to convert your blog to Custom Domain. Click the link below to find out the process

How do I use a custom domain name on my blog?

Update (March 5th) : After initial experimentation, I am moving back to blogspot publishing at The new domain was popping up issues on blog links and hence thought of reverting back. Now, would be directed to


Siladitya Banerjee said...

nice blog.
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Unknown said...

congrats! Keep posting more frequently. I miss your investment ideas.


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