Voltamp Transformer Lists tomorrow (20th Sep.)

Book Profits on Listing

The IPO got oversubcribed 17 times and the shares were offered at the rate of Rs. 345 per share. The issue price comes at a PE of 15. The competitors are currently quoting ata PE range of 17-20. With the sharp fall seen in the later half of today's session, a lot depends on how the markets open tomorrow. Investment Guru is of the view that the stock should list and stabilize in the range of Rs. 375-400. It is advised that investor should be better off booking profits on listing as they would get better rates to enter again at a later stage.


Anonymous said...

Dear Rajesh,
The stock has listed exactly as per your prediction at Rs. 400 and is currebtly qouting at 410 after going till 390. Should I sell or hold ?

Anonymous said...

Hello Sir,
I am new to this blog and want to know if I can buy shares of Wipro at current market price of 510. I can hold for 1 year.
Thank you

Anonymous said...

Hi rajesh,

At this point of time that is before diwali there is a general upbeat,this phenomenon has been observed in previous years as well.

Will you advice some scripts which you feel can give a decent return of 8-10% with risk coverage from a short term perspective,say diwali.

Thanks and regards,

Rajesh Soni said...

Reg. VoltAmp: Yes, I stock listed per my guidance on the blog. However it has shown some upsurge later in the day to end near 417 levels. I beleive you could see around 425-430 levels today anf that would be good point to exit.

Rajesh Soni said...

Hi Brijesh

I would advice you to enter into Infosys or TCS instead of Wipro. What makes Infosys a better bet is the transparent management policies which allows shareholders to guage the bandwith of the business.

Rajesh Soni said...

Hi Aditya,

I would suggest that you eneter into safe bets like Reliance , Infosys, L&T, Punj Lloyd, Gujarat Ambuja. These stocks offer low risk profile as well as steady returns. So should fit into your format.