Investment Guru featured on Economic Times

Dear Friends,

Economic Times has carried an article today on Financial blogs under heading "Blogs coin new money talk ". The article was authored by Amanpreet Singh and Bhanu Pande.
The article talks about rising popularity of the financial blog and their target audience. The article also dwelves into the fine print of financial blogging and bewares viwers of malpractices by some blogs.

The article has featured Investment Guru Blog as the Popular Indian Financial Blog.
Thanks to ET for recognising the power of Investment Guru Blog !

Read the article on web edition of The Economic Times


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr.Rajesh Soni
Congratulations.Thanks for your valuable articals on new issues(IPO) and advice about stock market.
Best Regards,
M R Kale

Anonymous said...

Hi rajesh
Congratulation on your blog listing on ET... That's a big feat... And honestly, out of the blogs listed on the article, I found that yours is the best in the sense that it offers practical ideas and suggestions which other blog lacks. Others are more philosphical. Rupya blog was another good listing on the article.
Keep up your good work !

Anonymous said...

congrats rajesh. You are going to make it big one day. Take my words!

Anonymous said...

Hi rajesh ji,

Yaar the mention of ur blog is a testimonial to ur efforts in helping out guys who need guidance of someone who understands the markets.

Thanks for being with us all the way along.


Anonymous said...

Dear Rajesh,
congratulations ! You deserve this


Anonymous said...

Good Work will always recognized. Congrats Rajesh

Anonymous said...

Soni ji, aapko hardik badhai. yaar next target CNBC hona chahiya
aapka subhchintak