The Third Eye : ITC Ltd.

The company is in news following announcement of Board meeting on 17th June,2005 to consider issue of Bonus share and stock split. The third eye recommends a watch on ITC counter as the stock is bound to see some major action in the coming week based on the above news. Another factor working in favour of this counter is the forecast for normal monsoon this year. There is a word around the street that the bonus may be 1:2

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Rajesh Soni said...

I have put the reply as a comment on your blog. Regards

Rajesh Soni said...

Reg. Samlxin's comment :
Yes , You will get the bonus share if you buy the shares before the record date. In case of ITC the bonus ratio itself is not yet declared (17th June ). So be assured about this.

Rajesh Soni said...

Reg. Sumit's comment :
I would wait for the announcement on 17th before making any guessing in addition to what I have already written in my article.
BTW, thanks for your insight into the development on this counter.