Health Watch: Coping with Stress

All of us talk about stocks , Investment Ideas, market news and whole lot of things. But in this hustle and bustle of our lives, we forget to address an important aspect of our life. Yes friends, I am talking about the health factor. Recognising the importance of being healthy in addition to being wealthy, Investment Guru brings you a coulmn "Health Watch" which will address some common health issue we face and their remedy. Let's start with the biggest enemy "STRESS"

Coping with stress?

1. Recognise the fact that stress is a part of life and your body will automatically prepare itself to manage it better. Don’t panic.
2. Believe in yourself: Most of the times we are stressed not because of a thing, but due to the perception we build in about the thing. Change your perceptions. Remember that you are more powerful and channelise your positive energy to fight stress.
3. Anticipate Stress: Many times the stress is caused by repeititive reasons. Analyse the reasons causing the stress and manage yourself in order to avoid that situation.
4. Think positive: Do your best in whatever you do and the results will certainly be motivating.
5. Express yourself. Talk about your problems. Suppressed feelings, anxieties, self-doubts, and low esteem are among major stresses that lead to illness and disease.


Prashant Shetty said...

I dont completely agree with msm about money being the ONLY reason for a stressed life. Am sure 'investment guru' will agree that nearly all the IT professionals have less monetary concerns and more work related stress. The deadlines, long hours, conference calls, meetings etc take their toll. Bangalore city also adds on with travel stress for those who drive themselves to work.