Verdict Out : Indians prefer Weak PM to Communal PM

Historical verdict shows Indians voted for Development and stability

 incThe India’s political theatre has come out with an unprecedented show of results. Though the final results are yet to be declared, the leads show that Congress and its allies have managed to secure a astounding victory over the BJP led alliance by a huge margin. The red Flag of Left has been teared to pieces. The political blackmailers like SP and RJD have been shown the exit door. The election results have given a clear indication that Indian public wanted a government who can take the country forward to the path of progress and prosperity while maintaining stability and peace and the mandate has been clearly in favor of congress. BJP was unable to impress the public with its campaign of a determined leader in the form of LK Advani.

The Weak PM Campaign Backfired on BJP

The PM-in-waiting Mr. Advani has made it a major propaganda that Man Mohan Singh was the weakest Prime minster India ever had. However, this message didn’t went well among the voters. Advani’s main election plank of a weak PM actually Backfired on him and I feel this one factor itself did a huge damage to the party’s prospects. Why ?

Manmohan Singh’s image as a politician is of a very clean, Honest and a intelligent person. To put it more clearly , the work done Mannohan singh as a finance minster in the Narashima Rao government still lies deep rooted in the minds of the people. If you ask me , I would say that he is one person whose image of a clean and honest person and a person who has transformed the country’s fortune by his visionary economic wisdom is unparalleled even if you combine the intellectual wisdom all all the leaders of BJP.

Indian voters rejected Advani’s plea that Manmohan singh was a weak prime minister and this time they have made sure that he can emerge even more stronger.

Rahul Gandhi’s Acceptance among the Youth of India

rahul Rahul Gandhi was successful in projecting himself as a leader who is capable of representing the youth of India. The charisma of Gandhi family, Rahul’s handling of the election campaign and his show of emotional attachment to the villages of India and the poor & backward people worked really well and transformed into a huge success of party not only in the written off state of U.P., but also helped it clinch a large number of seats due to acceptable of Rahul Gandhi among the youth’s. Rahul has definitely emerged as the youth icon of India and has established a place in their hearts.

People want development and not Temples

Every time elections happen, BJP starts its old tune of Jai Shree Ram and its promise of construction of Lord Ram’s Temple. This time also the party repeated its rhetoric but the Indian voters have made up their mind. They had enough of these slogan to arouse their religious sentiments for generating votes and have made up their mind that Ram Mandir should not be the criteria of choosing a party to lead the nation. They wanted a government who can make their lives better and work on developmental issues.

BJP didn’t offered a Unique Proposition

The lack of unity among the second rung leaders in BJP was clearly visible and the party didn’t offered any unique proposition to the public to vote for them. L K Advani could not impress the public with his promise of a determined leadership to the country. He proved too weak to steer the party on its own and projections of people like Narendra Modi as a future prime minister also proved self destructive to party’s image among the voters.

To summarize the election outcome, the Indian public has placed its trust on the performance of the UPA government and wants it to continue to take the nation on the path of development and prosperity. The task on hand is for sure a litmus test for the UPA and the expectation levels have gone up for sure.

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