Zenith Desktop for Rs.11,990 Laptop for Rs. 14,990


Bridging the Digital Divide with affordable Computers

zenith Zenith Computers has announced the launch of Desktops and Laptop’s under the brand name “Eco Style” in the price range of Rs.11990 to Rs. 14990. The company has launced these desktops and laptops in collaboration with global software giant “Microsoft”.

These products are based on Microsoft operating system and available with Windows Vista and Microsoft XP home edition through its exclusive tie up with the software major. The offer is in line with compamy’s Motto of providing “MNC quality at Indian prices”.

The company said that the EcoStyle laptop is ideal for youth as it is quie trendy. The laptop is Net-enabled and comes preloaded with the Microsoft productivity suite. The EcoStyle PC will give the customer an option of choosing Windows Vista Starter or Microsoft Windows XP Home. The portability of the PC makes it convenient for professionals to carry it whenever they need to -- it weighs just 2.2 kg and has dimensions of 185mm x 250 mm x 70 mm. The desktop will also come preloaded with the Microsoft productivity suite.

Bringing together ease of use and professional performance, the EcoStyle PC is ideal for small office or home offices owners. The company said that in addition to the portability and the relevant content, both the computers have an added advantage of reduced power consumption due to a smaller screen size. One an average, they consume 30% less power.

Zenith has been the leader in India in terms of providing desktops and laptops at affordable price and the new scheme is going to further boost the topline of the company. This will also help to bridge the digital divide in India mainly due to higher cost of laptops and high end desktops. The new scheme is going to affect mostly the business of the assemblers who use to sell assembled Desktop’s and Laptops. One good thing about Zenith is that the company had earned itself a good reputation in terms of quality of its products and hence increased customer satisfaction. On the other hand, assembled computers run risk of high maintenance and repair charges. With the new offer more competitive even in terms of both price and barand value as compared to the assembled products, Zenith is set to rock the low end segment of this industry.

About Zenith Computers

Zenith Computers Ltd is one of most powerful brands in the Indian IT industry.
One in every three branded PCs in Indian homes is a Zenith PC. Zenith Computers, headquartered in Mumbai, India, is celebrating it silver jubilee this year. With annual turnover of Rs. 3.25 Billion, it has over 1000 employees spread all over India in its 15 offices and manufacturing plant in Goa.
The company exports PC’s to Europe, South Africa, Asia and the Middle East
With 800 Authorised Dealers and 350 Exclusive Retail Showrooms, the company boasts of a well knit distribution and service platform across the country


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