Reliance Power : Basis of Allotment

Reliance Power: Allotment Status and basis of Allotment

The wait is finally over. The allotment status of Reliance power IPO is out and you can check the same by clicking the link below or on the IPO Allotment Pane on the right hand side.

Reliance Power IPO Allotment Status

Basis of Allotment

The current Grey market premium for Reliance Power is in the range of Rs. 150-180


Anonymous said...

Hi Rajesh

Why two criteria's for 225 and 210lots ?


Anonymous said...

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Karan Batra (CharteredClub) said...

Only God knows when will it come back to its Issue Price..
Am waiting for that day and will surely sell it off at no profit no loss.
The day this happens I'll believe that all my sins have been washed off


If I had to pick a sector to invest in I would pick electric utilities. Their is always a demand for electric power.