Sensex to touch new high, "Vishal" listing today

Sensex to make a further new high today
Yes, We have touched a new high yesterday and yes, we would repeat it today. The sensex is on the roller coaster ride driven by all roundpositive developments. The Global clues are positive and so is the situation back home. Liquidity is ample and inflation fears have cooled down. Interest rates are also sitting quietly. The sensex which closed at 14806 yesterday after striking a high of 14828 is poised to post a new high today. Select Midcap stock would continue to remian in limelight. Watch out for Skumars, Welspun Gujarat, Bank of Rajasthan, South Indian Bank and Punj LLoyd.

Vishal Retail set for a "Vishal" listing !
Yes, that's not a news for most of the Investors. Vishal retail is all prepared to set the markets on fire and that too with a explosive listing. The company has issues shares to investors @ 270 per share. Investment Guru is of the view that the stock would list in the range of Rs. 550-600 and will actually move further up during the day. If the momentum persists, the stock may even touch the Rs. 700 mark today ! Investors who have got the allotment (lucky fellows!) are advised to hold their horses in the first few hours to take stock of the situation and then make up a mind to book profits. I would advice booking partial profits at a price above 700 and keep the balance to seek further appreciation if any.

For those who have been diappointed with refund orders in their hands ca make use of the first 15-30 minutes of the trading hours to make a entry into the stock so that they can catch hold of the stock near 600 levels and then play for the appreciation above these levels. The stock is also a good candidtae for a hold for a medium term perspective.

Skumars on the fire !

The stock has consistently been on my recommendation list and yes, finally it has performed to my expectation. All those friends who were skeptical about the stock's performance and had written to me about that would be smiling now ! Of course, if you are a investment guru blog reader, you are always set to mint money..ha..ha..ha..
Happy Investing!


Anonymous said...

Hello Sir,
i fully invested during March 2007 and got busy in many other things. Presently i am having about 30% gain. Thanks for your valuable posts.

Can u please give ur views on OrientPaper right issue at 360/-.
Is it good to apply for double the shares as money called on application is Rs.180 and rest will called in 12months time?

Sunil Kumar

Anonymous said...

Hi Rajesh,
Can I buy into Vishal Retail at a price around 650 once it stabilises? How much returns can I expect from a 6 months perspective?

Your advice in highly valued.


Unknown!!! said...

Hi Rasoniji,

I agree with your last statement, your prediction always came true.
i personally got benefitted cos of u,

both gujarat ambuja cements and Skumars.....

my question is
is this the time to exit SKumars...or have to wait till the demerger?

Freddie L Sirmans, Sr. said...

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Anonymous said...

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