Market Chers Infosys results, Guidance

Infosys sends positive wibes, posts 57% YOY rise in Profits

The infosys results which were awaited very anxiously by the markets came out to be a morale booster for the markets. Though the results had not thrown any extraordinary surprise, the markets took comfort in the fact that there was no bad news either.

Infosys FY07 Revenues were up 45.91% to Rs 13,893 crore from Rs 9,521 crore. Net profit leaped 56.87% to Rs 3,856 crore from Rs 2,458 crore.

The company reported net profit of Rs 1,144 crore in the fourth quarter versus Rs 983 crore in the previous year, a growth of 16.38%. The net profit included Rs 124 crore of reversal of tax provision.Its revenues increased by 3.2% to Rs 3,772 crore from Rs 3,655 crore, QoQ.

The company has added 34 new clients in Q4 compared to 43 new clients in Q3 and 5992 employees versus 3282 employees in Q4.

As per Indian GAAP, Infosys has predicted an EPS of Rs 80.29 to Rs 81.58 for FY 2008, a growth of 20 - 22%, compared to an EPS of Rs 66.86 in FY 2007. The company had forecast 22.6 - 24.6% growth in revenue for FY 2008, between Rs 17038 crore and Rs 17308 crore. Infosys has considered the rupee-dollar conversion rate at 43.10.

The Board of Directors recommended a final dividend of Rs. 6.50 per share (130% on par value of Rs. 5 per share) for fiscal 2007

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