IPO Allotment : Cinemax India Ltd.

Cinemax India Ltd. IPO allotment Status is Out. You can check the allotment status of your application from the link below

Click Here for Allotment Status

Click Here for Basis of Allotment


Unknown said...

My compliments for a gr8 blog. U r part of my blogroll for quite some time.

Gr8 info u hv. Cd u please check out my blog too.

Do u think it's a good idea to give advice on financial decisions rather than just informing?

Anonymous said...

Rajesh sir,skumar is jus rocking among all this bloodbath it mantained above 74.5......something is going good for it may be.....

sir one thing should we invest in mahindra at 820 levels.....or shud we wait ......what is ur outlook for the broader markets.....


Anonymous said...

rajesh sir,
where are you?
Hope evrything is fine

Anonymous said...

Hi Rajesh
I am new to Investing. Could you please guide me how to allocate asset for a balanced portfolio ?


Rajesh Soni said...

Hi Ranjan
Thanks for your compliments. I didn't understood the context of your question. However, I feel that it is a good idea.

Rajesh Soni said...
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Rajesh Soni said...

Hi Vijai

Skumar is facing a major resistance at Rs. 82 levels and it needs to clear this hurdle to gain further. So investors in this stocks needs to watch out for this level. If it is able to sustain at 82, it would be touching 90 +.

Yes M&M would a a good buy at 820 levels. Outlook for broader markets from a long term perspective is quite positive hence I belive one should take advantage of short term volatilities to enter at good prices.

Rajesh Soni said...

Hi ravi
Your question is very broad. I would suggest that you consult a financial planner. As a broad guidance for a 30 year age profile its good to have 70 % exposure to equities , 20 % to risk free instruments and balnce in liquid form.