The Third Eye : GVK Power & Infrastructure Ltd.

Consolidation move to spark interest
GVK Power has announced a major move to consolidate its unlisted holdings in infrastructure assets under its flagship company GVK Power and Infrastructure. The combined entity would command an asset base of around Rs. 19000 crores and would have interest in Power, airports, roads and mining. Investment Guru is of the view that this consolidation move would help to re-rate the company valuations as it would increase the muscle power of the company to bid for larger projects and would also help to increase the growth rate. The momentum in the stock has already started and is expected to continue in the coming days. The Third eye recommends investors to consider the stock with a view to take advantage of re-rating phenomenon on the stock markets.

Please note : The third eye column is not a recommendation of a stock as an Investment Idea. It does not carry any targets and is just an indication of the trigger in the stock. Please trade cautiously and read the disclaimer clause before acting on any article on this blog


Anonymous said...

Hi Rajesh
What is the target for this stock ?
will it be a good decision to buy sail at current levels since it has reported good numbers ? Your views are esteemed.


Anonymous said...

dear sir..there are news of market fall in coming days what r ur views on this

Rohan Shetty said...

Hi Rajesh,
I am interested in learning about derivatives.I read your article on Options.Wonderful write-up.For some reason you have discontinued.Would really appreciate if you could recommend some good books in this subject.

Thanks in advance

Anonymous said...

hello Rajesh, \

When are you planning to write a blog on investing in gold. you told long back that you will write on gold. I want to trade in gold future. Please guide on how to make a start?

Anonymous said...

Hello Rajesh,

As of late there have been no investement idea from your side,
please sir we are vying for them,The ideas are gem of ideas.

amit singh.

Anonymous said...

Rajesh ji kuch stock ideas dijiye jisse ke pre budget rally ka fayda utha sake..

aapka prashanshak