Shobha will Rock, Ruchira may Disappoint

Two IPO's are listing today on NSE and BSE. Lets see the possible listing and strategy.

Shobha developers is expected to follow suit of its brother Prasvanath and the stock may list in the range of 1000-1050. Investors are advised to book profits if the listing happens above these levels.

Ruchira papers is also listing today. However this IPO may not delight the investors and is expected to list near its issue price of Rs. 23. A listing above Rs. 25 should be considered as a window for booking gains.


Anonymous said...

Dear Sir
I have 10 shares of sobha developers ipo the stock has come down to 924 Can I hold or book profits

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,
I will be getting 1050 shares of cairn with two application in retail.Should I sell and book loss or wait for one year to gain 10 %. Please advice.
M R Kale